Where is Doris Adriana Nino’s Brother Rodrigo Nino Now?

Netflix’s ‘Broken Idol’ is a documentary that delves deep into the rise and fall of Colombian artist Diomedes Díaz, with a particular focus on his hand in Doris Adriana Niño’s mysterious demise. After all, while it’s no secret that his life was marked by controversial friendships, countless relationships, and drug/alcohol consumption, his legal troubles were the ones that affected him the most. But for now, instead of Diomedes, let’s find out more about the individual who has always been the loudest in demanding pure justice in this matter, Doris’ devoted brother Rodrigo Niño, shall we?

Who is Rodrigo Niño?

Rodrigo Niño was purportedly aware of his sister’s close association with the renowned musician from nearly the get-go because Doris did open up to him every so often. According to the Netflix original, that’s how he knew she was 24 when she first met Diomedes at a concert and that he sometimes “went too far with her… My sister told me a few times that he was a disgusting person.” In short, the siblings seemed rather tight-knit, so when Doris suddenly vanished after leaving home to go to the singer’s flat on May 14, 1997, Rodrigo dedicated himself to finding her.

Rodrigo explored every avenue to look for Doris, but alas, he only found her in a grave weeks later — she had been buried after being located by farmers in a cow pasture in Tunja, as per the documentary. Since Doris had cocaine in her system at the time of death, reports essentially deemed her an addict, which Rodrigo vehemently refused by asserting that she didn’t drink or do drugs, not even occasionally. Rodrigo’s sister was quite a homebody if his accounts are to be believed, meaning that she never really liked to party, which is why the drugs were a clear indication of murder in his mind — a suspicion that was partly, legally confirmed later.

Where is Rodrigo Niño Now?

For Rodrigo Niño, apart from losing Doris, one of the most brutal aspects was that her convicted assailant only spent around 36 months in prison after evading arrest for nearly two years. “[Diomedes] had to turn himself in because he got a substantial reduction on his jail time [cut down from 12 years],” he once expressed. “I honestly think that they are not going to do anything to him because that process that they open for prisoner escape is going to end… He enjoyed some freedom benefits due to an alleged illness he was suffering from, but he was not detained.” Rodrigo even added he would appeal the issue in court but to no avail.

Talking about Diomedes’ 2013 passing, Rodrigo later said, “I was very sorry for the fact because I don’t make fun of other people’s pain. I put myself in the shoes of that family who had lost their loved one, so I felt the pain, and I knew the pain they felt because I had felt it.” With that said, though, to this day, the Bogotá, Colombia, native continues to speak up about the late artist’s role in his sister’s case to ensure that no one forgets what truly transpired. In other words, the former Ospedale Civile Di Agropoli worker is now doing his best to keep Doris’ memory alive in both his heart and in this world.

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