Where is Found’s Chloe Rose Lipitz Now?

Directed by Amanda Lipitz, Netflix’s ‘Found’ is an incredibly gripping feature-length documentary that follows the journey of three American girls – all adopted from China – as they traverse their origins. Due to the one-child per family policy in the nation (1980-2015), several babies were left behind and later taken in by Americans. Hence, with the vast numbers involved, it’s nothing short of extraordinary that Chloe, Sadie, and Lily managed to uncover that they are cousins in the first place. Now, if you’re curious to know more about Chloe, in general, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Chloe Rose Lipitz?

Chloe Lipitz (director Amanda’s niece) was in the seventh grade when the idea of learning more about her genuine roots settled into her. Growing up in an all-white Jewish community, she didn’t feel different until the day she did. Still, Chloe wasn’t interested in knowing or understanding her Asian heritage. That is, until her parents, Sari and Gene, told science enthusiast Chloe about 23andMe genetics testing, from where she found Sadie and Lily, her biological cousins. They got to know one another and their adoptive relatives before they took a trip to China to explore their past together.

Unlike her siblings, Chloe didn’t care to find her birth parents because she was merely not ready to hear their sides of the story and open the door to how that might make her feel. As a young teen just hoping to find herself with the help of her past and not let it completely define her, that’s understandable. Chloe discovered that she was abandoned on the side of Mingyue Road, a busy street, before being taken to the Huazhou orphanage, where a nanny who’s now the institute’s director and still remembers her took care of her. The teenager saw first-hand that she has always been loved.

Where is Chloe Rose Lipitz Today?

This life-changing experience appeared almost necessary for Chloe Lipitz. After all, it looks like it helped her face her thinking pattern and overcome the emotional trauma of having one of her now-former closest friends say that maybe she was left because she was simply unwanted, according to the film. In the end, Chloe found her identity as a Chinese-born American, realized the importance of her found family (blood or not), and discerned that she’ll always have a sound support system. As time flies, things may shift, but at least she knows part of her past now.

From what we can tell, Chloe Lipitz still resides in Pheonix, Arizona, and is a high school senior. We don’t know much else about the 17-year-old, as she has kept everything except for her adoptive personal life out of the spotlight with the help of different profiles and privacy settings on social media platforms. Considering Chloe’s age, history, and possible hopes for the future, that’s expected. In other words, all we know is that Chloe has a genuine interest in Mandarin and field sports like track running, as seen in the Netflix original movie.

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