Where is Grant Hardin’s Wife Now?

Back in 2017, former police officer Grant Hardin was charged and arrested for the seemingly senseless murder of 59-year-old city worker James Lee Appleton, only for it to uncover his true character and the offenses he had committed in 1997. ‘Shattered: Do You Hear My Voice?’ profiles all this and much more in complete detail with the help of reenactments and one-on-one interviews with a police chief, his survivor, and his wife. After all, he’d successfully lived a double life for over two decades. So now, if you’re curious to know more about the latter, we’ve got you covered.

Who Is Grant Hardin’s Wife?

Grant Matthew Hardin and Linda G. Hardin met and started dating in 1995, while he’d already started working as a cop. Since the latter found men in uniforms really attractive, it was a plus point, so it wasn’t long before they fell in love and decided to get married. Together, the pair made a safe and happy life for themselves in Grant’s childhood home on Gann Ridge Road, Garfield, Arkansas. For Linda, her devoted husband was the perfect man who could do no wrong, especially because they had a teenage daughter. Thus, when he was accused of murder, she couldn’t believe it.

According to Linda’s statements to the officials, on February 23, 2017, the day James was killed close to their residence, Grant was on their property the entire time. She stated that he was working on their yard, and as their windows open up to it, she also insisted that he stayed there. Linda added that the Hardin family then went out for dinner, where her husband looked a little off and suddenly told her she would be alright no matter what. As per her account, he said, “Just know I love you. God will take care of you.” Mere hours later, Grant was charged with first-degree murder.

Where is Grant Hadin’s Wife Now?

Since witnesses undoubtedly recognized Grant Hardin at the crime scene and his alibi was relatively thin, all the evidence pointed only towards him. However, Linda continued to believe in her husband’s absolute innocence, and that is when it came to light that he was involved in a 1997 rape case. Grant pleaded guilty to both the murder and the sexual assault, but as per the ‘Shattered’ episode, Linda claims that he only did so out of fear of getting a life sentence if found guilty after trial. Despite the evidence and the plea for a reduced sentence, she maintains his innocence.

As for where Linda is today, public documents show that she continues to dwell at Gann Ridge Road, Garfield, Arkansas, and is still married to Grant. In the episode, she revealed that she can’t ever believe that her husband committed these crimes because it’s “not like his personality at all.” Linda still thinks that they’ll be together again one day as she loves him with all her heart and believes that God does too. She also confessed that she wanted her husband to state that he was innocent in court, but although he didn’t, it hasn’t affected her opinion or their relationship in any way.

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