Where Is Hannah Brauer From Byron Baes Now?

Australia’s Byron Bay gained popularity as the Mecca for influencers and content-creators who rush to the picturesque seaside town in order to find a place among like-minded people. Yet, how does an influencer spend one’s day, and what are the challenges one faces while leading such a lifestyle? Netflix tries to answer such burning questions through their interesting reality show, ‘Byron Baes’ which revolves around a group of Byron Bay influencers.

The show documents the group of friends as they navigate social and professional lives, all the while making friends and maintaining personal relationships. Besides, surprising love triangles, shocking drama, and whirlwind romances make it quite exciting for the audience. Hannah Brauer gained popularity when she presented herself as one of Byron Bay’s most spiritual influencers. Highly into yoga, healing techniques, crystals, and the like, Hannah loves involving her friends in her spiritual journey.

As a through and through professional, Hannah works as the co-creative director of her family’s Byron Bay-based boutique, Bisque. Besides, she is also an avid traveler, as her social media account stands as a testimony to the numerous trips she has undertaken around the world. Although Hannah is typically a non-confronting person, the show portrayed how people believed her to be putting on the personality of someone she is not. While this alienated Hannah from the group, her feud with Jessica also made viewers interested in her present whereabouts. Well, we come bearing answers!

Where Is Hannah Brauer Now?

Although Hannah Brauer is introduced as an amicable, lively, and easily approachable woman, we soon get to see how some of the cast members have a problem with her spiritual lifestyle. She often throws lavish parties, which usually have a spiritual or healing element that people don’t feel comfortable with. Thus, even though they don’t say anything to her face, Hannah does get alienated subconsciously from time to time.


At the beginning of the season, ‘Byron Baes’ portrays Hannah’s ongoing feud with Jessica Johansen-Bell. Incidentally, Hannah and Jessica were fast friends before the latter began feeling neglected and left out. Jessica later mentioned that she did not invite Hannah to what was effectively a work dinner, which ended up driving a wedge between them. However, Hannah was the first to reach out by inviting Jessica to her party. Although the former’s apology was not what Jessica expected or wanted, they gradually buried the hatchet, letting friendship take the lead.


Furthermore, throughout ‘Byron Baes’ season 1, the influencers were rocked by several altercations, but the feud between Alex Reid and Jade Kevin Foster almost threatened to break the group up for good. However, Hannah preferred to stay out of taking sides and instead encouraged her friends to mend their differences. Hannah currently resides in Byron Bay, from where she fulfills her duty as a Co-Creative Director at her family-run boutique, Bisque Traders.

Besides, the reality TV personality is also quite successful in the modeling industry and has also worked with Bisque as a model. Although there are no reports about a special someone in her life, she appears to be quite close to her family and often credits her parents for her success. Very few can match Hannah’s incredible energy and liveliness, and we hope she continues to find success in the years to come.

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