Where Is Jade Kevin Foster From Byron Baes Now?

Focusing on a group of influencers and content creators in Australia’s stunning Byron Bay, Netflix’s ‘Byron Baes’ gives audiences an authentic sneak peek into their lives. Cameras follow the cast as they balance their personal and professional lives while making content and maintaining connections with others. However, the group is made up of long-time residents as well as new arrivals, which often leads to clashes in ideology and lifestyle. On top of that, whirlwind romances, exciting love triangles, and high-octane drama make the show feel nothing less than a docusoap.

Jade Kevin Foster, who proclaims to be “Australia’s most-followed male influencer,” moved to Byron Bay at the beginning of the season, believing it would help him grow his influencer status. Since Byron Bay is considered a Mecca for content creators, he wanted to reside in the middle of like-minded people. Incidentally, Jade started working as a model for high-profile clothing brands and had around 11k followers on social media in 2014.

Jade’s social life took a turn when Kim Kardashian came to Melbourne for her fragrance launch. Jade attended the event, and Kim shared a picture with the Instagram influencer. Within days, Jade found his Instagram blowing up with new followers, which now sits at a plenteous number of 1.2 million. Although his move to Byron proved beneficial in the beginning, Jade soon got into a feud with reality Alex Reid, who believed his numbers were inflated. This altercation made fans wonder about Jade’s status and where he is at present. Well, we decided to find out!

Where Is Jade Kevin Foster Now?

Initially, Jade Kevin Foster was quite apprehensive about moving to Byron Bay even though he heard nothing but praises about the coastal town. He was concerned if the vibe of the new place would appeal to his content. However, once in Byron Bay, Jade fell in love with the town and its people. He also met other influencers and built up a close friendship with Jessica Johansen-Bell, who owns the fashion label, Johansen. The two bonded over their love for the Kardashians and their hate for yoga before Jessica introduced Jade to her sister, Lauren.

Together, the three built up a strong friendship, and the sisters helped Jade navigate his early days in the new town. Unfortunately, Alex Reid found Jade’s fame and popularity quite fishy and decided to look into the matter. Alex constantly attacked Jade by accusing him of having fake followers, which caused a rift within the group. Jade, who worked hard for his followers and climbed up the ladder on his own merit, decided to stand up for himself. He defended his work and called Alex out, which led to a massive feud.

While some sided with Alex, others sided with Jade, and for a moment, friendships and careers seemed threatened by the drama. However, Jade did not pay any heed to such issues and tried to win people over with his charm. He was also somewhat successful as the whole group attended the launch of his self-tan range — Jade Kevin Foster x Naked Tan — towards the end of the season. Jade currently appears to have left Byron Bay and is supposedly residing on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Besides, from the looks of it, the social media influencer is on pretty friendly terms with his ‘Byron Baes’ castmates, making us believe that they have since buried the hatchet and eased out the issues. Additionally, Jade also collaborated with Naked Tan and released his own line of self-tanners, the launch of which was covered on the show, as mentioned above. It is incredible to witness Jade achieve one milestone after the other. The reality star credits his success to the best piece of advice he has ever received — “trust your gut, always follow your dreams, and never stop believing in magic!”

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