Where is Sarah St. James From Byron Baes Now?

Netflix’s ‘Byron Baes’ is a reality show that follows a group of influencers and content creators as they go about their lives in Australia’s picturesque Byron Bay. Although the influencers are in amicable relationships with each other, they are a loosely packed bunch that often leads to numerous altercations and face-offs. Those coupled with steamy romances, complex love triangles, and all-out drama add to the thrill of the show. It includes long-time residents of Byron Bay as well as new influencers and creators who have recently moved in the hope of finding even more fame. However, the locals aren’t so welcoming of new people at times, especially when an arrival causes more drama than before.

Sarah St. James, a singer, influencer, and pianist, faced a similarly cold welcome when upon moving to Byron Bay. Originally from the Gold Coast, she was a part of the Melbourne-based musical duo ELLE and is even credited with singing the popular single ‘Reckless Life.’ She moved to Byron Bay because she wanted to be closer to people of her own kind and knew that the place would open up her creativity to a whole new level. Yet, an unexpected love triangle and unwanted drama threatened her stay in the new town, making viewers wonder where Sarah is at present. Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Where is Sarah St. James Now?

When Sarah St. James first arrived at Byron Bay, she appeared to hit it off with most other influencers. Being a lively person, it did not take long for her to build connections and make friends. However, when Australian reality TV star Nathan Favro volunteered to take her around the town, it seemed like the start of a special connection. Although Sarah grew quite fond of Nathan, another influencer, Elias Chigros, began showing interest in her. Naturally, the love triangle led to quite a few altercations, including a feud between Elias and Nathan.

On the other hand, Alex Reid was quite suspicious of Instagram influencer Jade Kevin Foster’s fame. Alex believed that Jade’s numbers were inflated and his followers weren’t all real. While Jade took a stance and defended his career, a rift formed between the whole group. With some supporting Alex and some Jade, long-time residents of Byron Bay did not like how both newcomers were allegedly putting a dent in their unity. However, while Jade was able to win most people over with his charm, Sarah’s love triangle worsened the rift, and thus, a lot of people grew cold towards Sarah and began alienating her.

Although Nathan and some of his friends tried their best to make Sarah feel at home, she felt like leaving Byron Bay and moving back to her home on the Gold Coast. However, things came to a head when false rumors about Nathan and Elle Watson having a connection began doing the rounds. Unfortunately, Sarah is quite private when it comes to her personal life and hasn’t revealed much about her present whereabouts. Meanwhile, Nathan’s friends encouraged him to win Sarah over as their connection felt quite authentic.

However, judging from their lack of pictures together, we can infer that Sarah is still single and not dating anyone exclusively. Moreover, from what we can tell, it appears that she is still in Byron Bay and has even managed to settle differences with her castmates. She seems to be on friendly terms even with people she clashed with on the show and is currently enjoying her life, being surrounded by friends and family. With her newfound reality TV fame, Sarah is also focused on elevating her career to new heights, and we hope she finds even more success in the years to come.

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