Where is HBO’s Succession Filmed?

HBO’s satirical drama ‘Succession‘ follows the Logan family that is known for being the pioneer of one of the world’s biggest media and entertainment companies. But the foundation on which their empire rests on slowly begins to crumble when their father decides to take a step back from the company. Since its release, ‘Succession’ has landed several accolades under its belt including multiple Primetime Emmy Nominations and Golden Globes.  Along with its excellent screenwriting and strong performances, the show also sweeps you with its stellar production and lavish set designs. So if you’re looking for a detailed guide to its filming locations, we have you covered.

Succession Filming Locations

‘Succession’ first reached the public eye when, on June 6, 2016, HBO gave the show’s production a pilot order. Soon after this, in May 2017, the network finally gave the production a series order. Once its casting was done, the principal photography of the first season of ‘Succession’ began in October 2017 and then went on till February 2018. During this span, the first season was shot in several different locations of New York City, New Mexico, New Jersey, and England’s  Herefordshire. The filming for season 2 began sometime in April 2019 and was wrapped up around July 2019. For season 2, new additions to the show’s filming locations included New York’s Lake Placid and Lake George, along with several locations of  Korčula, Croatia.

New York City

Embuing the locales of the elite and the powerful, both the seasons of succession walk you through several landmarks of NYC. The show’s filming first started off in New York’s Lexington Avenue and East 75th Street in October 2017. The production then moved to the Financial District of Manhattan in November. Other NYC spots in season 1 include Downtown Manhattan Heliport at Pier 6,  the Bellevue Hospital, Le Coucou Restaurant, Cipriani at 25 Broadway, World Trade Center, Chelsea Square Restaurant, Henry Ford estate at Jule pond,  and Cunard Building on Broadway to the East New York Freight Tunnel. Season 2 also introduces us to some new locations such as Six Flags Great Escape in Queensbury, Whiteface Lodge at Lake Placid, and Del Posto eatery on 10th Avenue.

Many viewers would also recall Logan Roy and his third wife Marcia “Marcy” Roy’s grand townhouse from season 1. The scenes depicting this house were not filmed in one but many locations. The lobby scenes of the house were all filmed at the American Irish Historical Society at 991 Fifth Avenue located across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Whereas the remaining upper floors were created on soundstages at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City.

New Mexico

For the New Mexico shoot of the show, the production hired 89 local crew members and close to 75 people for background talent. Among all the locations of the US State, the Santa Fe area was used the most.

New Jersey

From Santa Fe, the production of the show was moved to New Jersey on February 22, 2018, where its filming took place in and around the Atlantic City-Brigantine tunnel.


A few days after its filming in New Jersey, the crew shifted to England’s Eastnor Castel near Ledbury Herefordshire. In the UK itself, the ‘Succession’ Season 2 was also filmed in several locations of Scotland including Dundee’s riverside V&A Museum and Glasgow’s George Square.

Korčula, Croatia

For the filming of the final episodes of season 2, especially the yacht scenes, the production arrived at the Croatian coast where most scenes were shot in and around Korčula’s Old Town, close to the main square in front of the St. Mark’s Cathedral and also in a local restaurant, Cupido, which is located near the 5-star hotel Lešić Dimitri Palace.

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