Where is Heather Tallchief’s Family Now?

At the age of 21, Heather Tallchief and her 48-year-old boyfriend, Roberto Solis, plotted to seize control of a Loomis armored truck in Las Vegas and disappear for good. While the latter allegedly designed the entire plan, the former aided by noting all her routes while working as a security driver for the company. In the end, on October 1, 1993, they managed to get away with roughly $3.1 million in cash. All these details, and more, are examined on Netflix’s ‘Heist: Sex Magick Money Murder,’ so if you’re curious to know more about Heather’s family, we’ve got you covered.

Who Is Heather Tallchief’s Family?

Heather Tallchief was born to a teenaged couple in Buffalo, New York, but grew up with her father, Fred Tallchief, in the Kensington-Bailey area after they divorced when she was two or three years old. Known as “The Dude,” he was involved in drugs and alcohol, as per the documentary series, and only cared about getting “high at all costs.” So, of course, he was shocked when his daughter was left to him. Heather’s brother, Titus, also spoke of their home’s environment by declaring that there would sometimes be cold bodies lying around in different areas in the morning.

Things did not improve for Heather once Fred began a new relationship as the woman resented her and did not mind making that evident. Ultimately, Heather relocated to California at the age of 17 to be with her mother. Within a few more years, though, she vanished with Roberto and millions of dollars following the heist. Titus and Elaine, Heather’s sister, who were teenagers at the time, glamorized the ensuing attention a bit because everyone their age thought the feat Heather achieved was remarkable. However, as time passed, they realized the gravity of the situation and reeled back.

Where is Heather Tallchief’s Family Now?

Fred Tallchief was told by the principal FBI detective quite honestly that if they found Heather and she resisted capture, they would shoot her. Thus, while every other parent was planning a graduation or a wedding, he was preparing for a funeral. The alternative was to see her incarcerated for 40 years. On the other hand, Titus blocked out the thought of Heather being dead, hoping that she was alive, doing well, and happy. “I hoped she was just living life with the money,” he said in the documentary. Then, after 12 years of no contact, Heather surrendered and was subsequently reunited with her family, who then found out about her son, Dylan.

Fred, Titus, and Elaine never thought that Heather would settle down and start a family as a fugitive, yet they still accepted the pair with open arms, deeming Dylan to be a Tallchief, just a “different flavor.” The patriarch has since admitted that he made numerous mistakes with Heather as she was his first, but he is now trying his best to be the father she needs. After all, he did lose her for over a decade. For Elaine, she was the trendsetter and the one to look up to, so that bond, from what we can tell, remains strong even today. Titus is close to his sister as well, and it appears as if all three of the Tallchiefs continue to reside in Buffalo, New York.

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