Where Is HGTV’s Houses With History Filmed?

HGTV’s ‘Houses With History’ is a reality television series that focuses on a trio of talented preservationists who take on the challenge of restoring historic houses. History buff Mike Lemieux teams up with designer Jen MacDonald and carpenter Rich Soares in order to maintain the rich heritage of some of the most classic private properties in the country. The houses that the team works on are mesmerizing examples of architecture, decor, and engineering. Therefore, it is only natural to find yourself curious about the location of these properties. If you are looking for more information about the same, here’s everything we know in that regard!

Houses With History Filming Locations

Filming on the first season of the show commenced around February 2021. Massachusetts has a rich socio-cultural history that dates back to the Colonial period when the Pilgrims formed colonies and settled in the region. The state was also the site of incidents such as the Boston Massacre (in 1770) and the Boston Tea Party (1773). Given its rich history, it is understandable that the inhabitants would wish to preserve their decades-old and, in some cases, centuries-old homes. Thus, it provides the show’s team with the perfect opportunity to carry out a variety of restorations. So, let’s get into the details of where the series has been filmed!

Plymouth County, Massachusetts

‘Houses With History’ is primarily filmed in Plymouth County within the state of Massachusetts. Some episodes for the show’s debut season were filmed in Plympton, a town located in the county. In addition, the cast and crew likely shot some footage in the city of Plymouth, which is one of the two county seats of Plymouth County. Other towns in the county where filming of the show has taken place include Pembroke, Plympton, Middleborough, Kingston, Duxbury, Carver, and Marshfield.

As seen on the show, Plymouth County features houses of a variety of styles such as Cape Cod, Greek Revival, and Dutch Colonial. The wide assortments of architectural styles add to the show’s appeal and make for an interesting watch. The county is known for its classic New England charm and countryside vibes. Popular films such as ‘The Judge’ and ‘The Way Way Back’ were also shot in Plymouth County.

Barnstable County, Massachusetts

Some of the renovations that the team tackled in the show’s first season were houses located in Barnstable County. The group traveled to towns such as Sandwich, West Barnstable, and Bourne to film some episodes of season 1. Barnstable County is renowned for Cape Cod, which is a popular tourist destination. Numerous houses designed in the Cape Cod style are prominently seen in the area.

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