Where is HGTV’s Revealed Filmed?

HGTV’s ‘Revealed’ is a home improvement reality TV series that follows Veronica Valencia and her expert team as they go around the city performing impressive and transformative renovations. They take inspiration from the client’s family history and past to develop tailored designs that uniquely match their personal heritage. In each episode, Veronica and her crew sit down with their clients and learn about their family history and significant moments that mean a lot to them before beginning the renovation.

After that, Veronica consults a genealogist to learn about her clients’ cultural identity. With all this knowledge, she comes up with a life-size mood board and starts transforming the house with design guru Tommy Rouse, master builder David Bohler and talented artist Joshua Smith. Since the transformation of various properties takes place in different neighborhoods, it is natural for many of you to want to find out about the actual filming sites of ‘Revealed.’ Well, in that case, we have got you covered!

Revealed Filming Locations

‘Revealed’ is filmed in California, especially in and around Los Angeles. The shooting for the pilot episode took place between August and September 2021. After about a year, the principal photography for the rest of the episodes of the inaugural iteration commenced in early August 2022 and wrapped up in October of the same year. Now, let’s not waste time and get a detailed account of all the specific locations where Veronica and the rest of the crew perform stunning renovations for her clients in the HGTV show!

Los Angeles, California

Many pivotal sequences for ‘Revealed’ are lensed across the city of Los Angeles, which also happens to be where Veronica was raised and still resides. Specifically, she was brought up in the suburban/residential community of West Hills in the city’s western San Fernando Valley region. So, a few key portions of the show may be taped in and around West Hills. Moreover, a significant part of the shooting occurs in and around the different residential properties across LA that Veronica and her team work on and renovate.

Los Angeles is known for its posh neighborhoods and extravagant properties, and in ‘Revealed,’ you get a chance to look closer into such neighborhoods as Veronica travels across the city for her renovation projects. As she and her team make several families’ dreams come true, you will likely spot various residential areas, iconic streets, buildings, and landmarks in the backdrop. Some are Baldwin Hills, Hollywood, Venice, Olvera Street, the Venice Canal Historic District and boardwalk, Theme Building, Bradbury Building, U.S. Bank Tower, the Hollywood Sign, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

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