Love in Fairhope: Filming Locations of the Hulu Series

Image Credit: Dan Anderson/Hulu

Hulu’s ‘Love in Fairhope’ is a romantic reality TV series that chronicles the lives of five generations of women — Mya Jo, Olivia, Abby, Lashoundra, and Claiborne — as they tread in the waters of love in their way. While the people in this small and close-knit community know each other’s business in detail, nobody is aware of where passionate hopes, passions, inspiration, and love have in store for them in the long run.

As the five women navigate life and love in the small town, the viewers not only get entertained but also educated on some aspects of life. Narrated by Heather Graham, the show tends to encompass almost everything in the real life of the five women, including new beginnings, second chances, and breakups. The reality series unfolds in a small town on the Eastern Shore of Alabama called Fairhope, making the viewers wonder if the enchanting backdrops are situated in Fairhope or not. Well, here is everything you need to know about the filming sites of ‘Love in Fairhope!’

Love in Fairhope Filming Locations

‘Love in Fairhope’ is filmed in Alabama, specifically in Baldwin and Mobile counties. According to reports, production of the inaugural iteration of the reality show commenced in July 2022 and continued for several months, before wrapping up in November 2022. Then, around February 2023, the cast and crew regathered for some reshoots during the Mardi Gras season. So, without much ado, let us provide you with all the necessary details about the specific locations that make an appearance in the Hulu series!

Baldwin County, Alabama

A major portion of ‘Love in Fairhope’ is lensed in Baldwin County, which is situated on the Gulf Coast, in the southwestern part of Alabama. As the name suggests, the production team sets up camp in the titular city as the participants of the show roam around the city and spend quality time with their respective partners in different places. For instance, The Fairhope Inn at 63 South Church Street in Fairhope serves as one of the primary production locations for the reality series. Other locations where shooting takes place are the beach, Olivia’s estate, a church where LaShoundra’s husband works, and the airport.

During the reshoots in February 2023, the filming unit reportedly set up camp in an old library on Summit Street, Fairhope, to shoot some key portions for season 1. Founded in 1894, Fairhope is located on the eastern shoreline of Mobile Bay and is home to hidden beaches, walking and biking trails, and parks shaded by mossy canopies of live oaks, making it an ideal backdrop for film and TV projects.

Mobile County, Alabama

Several pivotal sequences for ‘Love in Fairhope’ are also taped in Mobile County, a county located just west of Baldwin County. The cast and crew members reportedly travel across the county to record important scenes against suitable backdrops. Since a majority of the filming takes place indoors at area businesses, the taping for the show does not require many road closures, causing less inconvenience to the regular citizens of the county.

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