Where is Investor Nick Gold Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard’ delving into one of the biggest ever financial crimes, we get a complete insight into the way the titular German company manipulated the world. That’s because it incorporates not only real accounts but also archival footage as well as sketched recreations to chart both the fintech firm’s accounting malpractices and their gang-like behavior. Amongst those to candidly share their side of the saga here is none other than short seller/investor Nick Gold — so now, if you wish to learn more about him, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Nick Gold?

Nicholas “Nick” Gold (born February 1972) can only be described as a businessman and a “compulsive stock market gambler” with a foot in a few industries to have quite an extensive portfolio. However, it was due to his standing against Wirecard upon realizing The Financial Times would publish yet another damning report on them soon that purportedly led him to become their target. He’d heard his associate/FT journalist Paul Murphy state they were “stuck on” this firm, driving him to quickly short-sell it “to the tunes of hundreds and hundreds of millions,” per the production.

Hence, it was in July 2019 that Nick was secretly recorded by an undercover investigator posing as a potential investor to implicate the newspaper in criminal collusion and market manipulation. But the truth is Paul had never revealed anything specific on their coverage — the tycoon had simply guessed something big was coming from his offhand comment during an unrelated exchange. Therefore, with Nick also claiming he was encouraged to exaggerate the information he possessed throughout this “sting operation,” no charges were filed against him, Paul, or the publication.

Where is Nick Gold Today?

Although entrepreneurial investor Nick Gold prefers to maintain his distance from the limelight, we do know he primarily spends his time between London, England, and Cannes, France, at the moment. The last few years have actually reportedly not been easy for him in any way, shape, or form, yet he still appears to be living a good, happy life by making the most of it to the best of his abilities. First things first, in 2018, the entire Gold family — father Peter, mother Janice, and brother Daniel — was accused of “conning” Sweden out of £4 million by misselling products for public roads.

According to records, the companies implicated in this purported fraud were all set up in the Swedish state by wealthy businessman Peter, but they did have his family members listed as former directors. “He thought that I might want to become involved in those businesses at a future date,” Nick candidly told The Times back then. “In the event, I did not. I was not employed by any of the companies nor did I provide any services to the companies, or on their behalf, at any time.” He added, “Knowing my father as I do, I have no reason to believe that the businesses operated by him have been run otherwise than in a legitimate and proper manner.”

Then there’s the fact Nick found himself filing for insolvency, with debts totaling more than £22 million towards the end of 2020, all the while going through the process of a divorce. However, he did not have to file for complete bankruptcy since his creditors did agree to an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA), and so he’s working hard to regain his former position again. As for his personal life, Nick had tied the knot with socialite Laura Zilli, his second wife, in a star-studded wedding in April 2018, but they parted ways for good over two years later. He seems to be a proud single father as of the present.

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