Where is Irene Walker From My 600-lb Life Now?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ is a touching and transformative series that follows the journey of morbidly obese individuals as they try to shed weight so as to save their own lives. After falling into a dark abyss of excess eating, no exercise, and lousy habits, it’s difficult for the individuals we see here to lose weight. But their determination to create a better and healthier life for themselves helps them come closer to their goal. Of course, guiding them through it all with a proper program is Dr. Younan Nowzaradan (Dr. Now). So, after everything we’ve seen, let’s find out how Irene Walker from season 9 is faring today, shall we?

Irene Walker: My 600-lb Life Journey

The episode titled ‘Irene’s Story’ is outlined by TLC as: “Irene had to move back in with her son because her weight made it unbearable to live on her own. When Dr. Now can’t get through to her, the only thing that might help her break the cycle is a once-in-a-lifetime turn of events.” At the age of 39, Irene Walker of Houston, Texas, was at such a stage in her life that although she could take a shower and move around a bit by herself, she needed other people, family or friends, to truly look after her. Thus, she decided to step up and make some much-needed changes.

Food and addiction have always been a part of Irene’s life. In fact, it goes so far back that she can’t remember a time when she didn’t binge-eat to feel comfort and happiness. Irene’s parents separated when she was 5, meaning that she grew up in a single-income household with fast food as the primary source of sustenance. By the time she started high school, Irene was well over 250 lbs, leading to a lot of confidence and body image issues, accompanied by bullying. This only got worse when she got involved with an abusive boyfriend who left her once she got pregnant.

Moreover, Irene’s support system crumbled apart within the next two years. She lost her father, mother, elder sister, and aunt. From then on, the high-school drop-out lived in shelters, with friends, or whoever she was dating at the time – overeating and gaining weight with each passing day. During this, Irene also gave birth to four more children. Unfortunately, she then got mixed up with the wrong sort of crowd, who introduced her to alcohol and drugs, leading to another addiction and her losing custody of her three youngest kids. That’s when Irene sobered up.

Realizing that her children were her entire life and that she would do anything to have them back with her in a safe environment, Irene became determined to turn over a new leaf. Therefore, with the support of her friend Cameo, her son Jacory, and her niece Mimi, she got in touch with Dr. Now and began his grueling yet effective weight-loss program. Throughout the journey, Dr. Now maintained Irene’s goal of losing 60 lbs, and although it took her a year and three months to achieve it (mostly due to COVID-19 and her excuses), she managed to come down to 535 lbs from 603.

Where is Irene Walker Now?

A national lockdown gave Irene Walker the wake-up call she needed. So, as soon as it was possible, she got back on track and decided that if Dr. Now gave her one last chance, she’d do anything and everything to lose the needed weight and get the life-saving surgery. With that, she stuck to her diet like never before and even started going to the gym with Cameo. This hard work gained her the green light for the weight-loss assist surgery. Yet, due to the pandemic, Dr. Now honestly told her that it would be a while before she could go under the knife.

“It’s not a setback, just a delay,” Irene said, following the news. “But I’m not going to let that interfere with the celebration.” Towards the end of the episode, the Texan added, “I stepped out to change my life, and I’m accomplishing that. I’m ready to do whatever it takes to keep moving forward and to have that future that I always wanted my whole life. So no matter what comes my way, I’m not going to get distracted… I’m staying dedicated.” Now, with her Facebook profile showing a much thinner Irene, we’re glad to report that it seems like she’s continuing the journey.

Whether or not Irene underwent the weight-loss surgery, though, is still in the air – primarily because of TLC and the producers of ‘My 600-lb Life’ demanding complete secrecy from the participants to avoid any leaks. We should also mention that as per a post made by Irene in early 2021, it appears as if she has achieved yet another goal of hers; finding a romantic partner.

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