Where is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Filmed?

Image Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FX

Developed by Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ is a sitcom that centers around Paddy’s Pub, an unprosperous Irish bar in South Philadelphia, run by a group of five called “The Gang.” The sitcom progresses through the lives and misadventures of the group, that unfolds in and around their bar. Along with its illustrious television run, the eminence of Paddy’s Pub and its surroundings have grown over seasons. Inspired by the distinctiveness of the world of “The Gang,” we have covered the filming locations of the show in detail. Let’s take a look!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Filming Locations

‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ is filmed in the US and Ireland, specifically in California, Pennsylvania, and Dublin. Even though the show is set in South Philadelphia, Los Angeles stands in extensively for filming, along with several locations in Philadelphia. The filming of season 15 commenced on August 20, 2021, and went on till the first week of October 2021. Now, let’s get into the specific locations!

Los Angeles, California

The filming of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ principally takes place in Los Angeles. Nate Starkman & Son building, located at 544 Mateo Street, serves as the exterior of Paddy’s Pub. The southern side of the building, which opens to Palmetto Street, serves as the face of the Irish bar. The interior of Paddy’s Pub is a studio-built set. An alley in West 11th Street is also used frequently for filming. 20th Century Fox Studios, situated at 10201 Pico Boulevard in Century City, serves as a location for the filming of season 15.

For the filming of season 14, the crew used Chandler Valley Center Studios, located at 13927 Saticoy Street in Panorama City, for the filming of the bar’s interior. Filming also took place in Alvarado Street, Glendale Boulevard, Chandler Boulevard, Lankershim Boulevard, West 28th Street, near Griffith Park, Saticoy Street, and Santa Fe Avenue. Several other sites in Los Angeles also serve as the filming location of the earlier seasons of the sitcom, including Hobart Boulevard, Westwood Boulevard, etc.

Other Locations in California

Over the years, the sitcom has been filmed in various cities in California, around Los Angeles. Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, San Dimas, La Mirada, and Burbank are some of the cities that hosted the filming of the sitcom for the earlier seasons.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Many of the major attractions in the city of Philadelphia are featured in the sitcom, including Swann Memorial Fountain in Logan Square, Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia Zoo, and Philadelphia Java Company in 2nd Street. Geno’s Steaks in 9th Street, Lincoln Financial Field in One Lincoln Financial Field Way, Boathouse Row, Pat’s King of Steaks in East Passyunk Avenue, and 30th Street Station in Market Street also serve as locations.

For the earlier seasons, Penn’s Landing in Columbus Boulevard, Marian Anderson Rec Center in 17th street, Rizzo Rink in Front Street, Pub & Kitchen in Lombard Street, Farmicia in 3rd Street, Alla Spina in Mount Vernon Street, and Historical Society of Pennsylvania in Locust Street were also used among many other locations.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, serves as a significant location of the fifteenth season. Dublin is renowned for its natural appeal, especially for River Liffey and Dublin Mountains. The filming in Dublin reportedly began in late August 2021. The city is also known for its enthralling architecture, which includes Dublin Castle, Christ Church, and St Patrick’s Cathedral. The city also experiences mild-warm summers and cool winters, without extreme climates.

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