Where is James Garretson Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ exploring the realities of the big cat industry, there’s no denying that it is filled with eccentric characters and bizarre situations. Yet, one of the most notable individuals in the docu-series has been none other than James Garretson, Joe Exotic’s former friend turned confidential informant. As seen on season 2, though, he has since stated, “I thought I was doing the right thing, but I think it’s time to try to get Joe Exotic out of jail,” in an Instagram video. So now, if you wish to know more about him and his ventures, we’ve got you covered.

James Garretson’s Tiger King Journey

Even though one of the first things we heard James Garretson say on our screens was, “the big cat people are backstabbing pieces of s–t,” he has been an animal and tiger lover since he was a youngster as well. Thus, his long-term acquaintance with Joe Exotic was natural, which eventually led to him hanging around the G.W. Zoo. It has been reported that James operated wildlife parks in Texas and Florida for a few years, but changing laws urged him to ship off his animals to Joe. That’s when he began bouncing around different ideas and became a businessman.

From strip clubs to liquidation stores to an exotic animal–themed bed-and-breakfast, James did it all, yet things changed once the federal authorities came knocking on the door. After all, faced with the several differing allegations that could likely be placed upon him, he did what was best for him and turned on Joe. James subsequently contacted Jeff Lowe, who then brought in Allen Glover, and together, their efforts led to the zookeeper’s conviction. As seen on the show, he even worked with an undercover agent to ensure that an illegal act occurred, but now, it seems like he regrets it all.

Where is James Garretson Now?

More than the attempted murder-for-hire accusations, the animal abuse ones were what made James Garretson want Joe Exotic to face justice, and today, he believes that the Tiger King was actually set up for the former by someone else. As for his own rivalries, he has an active feud not with Joe or Jeff but with Carole Baskin, and he often asserts his belief that she murdered her second husband (who disappeared in 1997) on his Instagram. “Karma’s coming to get you, Carole. Coming real soon, get ready,” James recently said in a video concerning ‘Tiger King 2.’

In the Netflix original, James only wanted his side of the story to come out, yet the death threats and memes that have followed have been an addition he never expected. He tries his best to laugh at them and move on because he doesn’t want it to affect his quality of life, but it has pushed him into the public domain. Therefore, apart from running a water sports company in South Florida, James also has a Cameo account where he interacts with fans, mostly from his jet ski, for $99. If it’s not a personal shoutout, though, the price jumps up to an astounding $275.

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