Where is Jamie Evans Now?

‘Jailbirds New Orleans’ is the latest installment of a franchise that offers an up-close and personal look at life behind bars. While the show’s first season followed the female inmates incarcerated at Sacramento County Jail, California, this installment revolves around those at Orleans Justice Center. It profiles every aspect of their experiences, including their crimes and the drama that unfolds due to their friendships, clashing natures, and toilet talking/boyfriends. So now, if you are interested to know more about felon Jamie Evans, in particular, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Jamie Evans?

Born and brought up in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jamie Evans is well aware that there are good and bad neighborhoods in the city. She comes from a seemingly ordinary family, implying that everything was going well for her until they relocated to the easternmost downriver part of the region, The Ninth Ward. That is when, in Jamie’s own words, “everything went to hell.” After all, even though she’s only in her early 30s, Jamie has spent over 15 years – half of her life – in prison for various infractions. She wants to be successful, but the route of easy money distracts her.

Standing at 4’9,” Jamie has aptly been nicknamed “Shortie.” Do not let her stature fool you, though; she is tough, she is strong, and just as her finger tattoos declare, she is “thug.” That’s why she’s missing a finger. According to the Netflix original, Jamie was thieving from people’s houses, and while running from officials on one such occasion, she skipped a wire fence and cut the pointer finger of her right hand. Afraid of getting caught, she didn’t instantly go to the hospital, so it had to be amputated due to maggots and infections. Later on, she was apprehended nonetheless.

Where is Jamie Evans Now?

In 2020, Jamie Evans was at the Orleans Justice Center on the charges of criminal possession of stolen goods, four counts of simple burglary, theft, and a warrant for theft. We can’t uncover any additional records; thus, it’s unclear whether she’s still in prison or not. Having said that, we should even mention that, in the documentary, Jamie conceded she is used to the streets. If it weren’t for jail and responsibilities, Jamie said that she would try to be a successful felon for the rest of her life. However, as of now, it’s mere months before she gets caught for each crime she commits.

On the other hand, Jamie has also admitted that she likes the penitentiary and is “comfortable” there because she has known this structure and its people since she was 17. For her, it’s ironically a family away from family. Jamie wants to not be in jail, except her path has often led there.

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