Where is Jerry Cassaday’s Family Now?

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In February 2000, the Cassaday family dealt with the horrifying news that Jerry Cassaday had killed himself in his apartment. The death came on the heels of Jerry dealing with several personal problems. However, what the family found at his house later led to authorities elsewhere learning why Bruce Miller died in Flint, Michigan. ABC News’ ’20/20: You’ve Got Jail’ delves into the connection between Bruce and Jerry and how the latter’s family was affected as a result. So, let’s find out more about what happened then, shall we?

Who is Jerry Cassaday’s Family?

Jerry Cassaday was born to James and Charlene Cassaday in October 1960. He was the youngest of four sons and worked as a police officer in Missouri and later as a Gaming Supervisor at a casino in Nevada. Jerry also had three sons named Jeremy, Matthew, and James II. However, on February 11, 2000, Jerry was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home in Odessa, Missouri.

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About three months before Jerry died, he talked to his brother, Mike, and told him something peculiar. he said that if anything ever happened to him, Mike was to find a briefcase under his brother’s bed, and he would know what to do with it. Mike didn’t think much of it until Jerry’s death when he followed his brother’s instructions and did find a briefcase. What was inside became crucial evidence in a murder case in Flint, where Bruce Miller was shot to death at his workplace in November 1999.

The authorities found out that Bruce’s wife, Sharee, had been having an affair with Jerry; they had conspired to kill Bruce. Inside the briefcase, the police found printouts of online chats between Jerry and Sharee, with the duo exchanging explicit messages and planning the murder. In a letter addressed to his parents, Jerry wrote, “I drove there and killed him. Sharee was involved and helped set it up, I have all the proof, and I am sending it to the police, she will get what’s coming. . . . [S]he just wanted all her money and no more husband, well she got her wish, but she is soon to learn that she can’t do that to people.”

Where is Jerry Cassaday’s Family Now?

The contents of the suitcase were a definite shock to Jerry Cassaday’s family. Even though turning over the contents meant the world would know Jerry was a murderer, they went ahead with it. Without the evidence, there was nothing else tying Sharee to the killing, making it a pivotal decision in the end. Mike and Charlene testified at Sharee’s trial that eventually ended in her conviction.

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Today, Mike lives with his wife, Peg, in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Their other brother, Steven, lives in the same city as Mike, while the fourth brother, Roger, lives with his wife, Cyndy, in Galveston, Texas. From what we can tell, Jerry’s parents also live in Texas, and his sons Jeremy and James seem to live in Missouri.

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