Where is Jessica From Laguna Beach Now?

Teenage lives portrayed in shows like MTV’s ‘Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County’ always cater to a huge audience, thanks to the romances, dramas, and adventures that they encounter. The reality show documents the regular lives of senior students of Laguna Beach High School as they deal with their relationships and friendships. Debuting in 2004, it was originally set as a high-school drama that later shifted attention to the personal and home lives of the select elite students.

Attempting to present the lives of real high schoolers of Orange County, the show follows a group of wealthy friends and their messy friendships and relationships, parties, and group trips, along with picturesque Laguna beach views. It brought fame to most of the cast members, one of whom is Jessica Smith, a cast member in all three seasons. Her journey, focusing mainly on her relationships, was loved was numerous fans, who must be wondering about her current whereabouts. If you’re curious about her, too, here’s everything you need to know!

Jessica Smith’s Laguna Beach Journey

Jessica Smith appeared on ‘Laguna Beach’ when she was a 17-year-old teenager who had her hands full dealing with friendship feuds and relationship dramas. Jessica was a secondary cast member in season 1 and mostly appeared as the best friend of Kristin Cavallari, both a year junior to the main cast. While Kristin entered season 1 mainly as the girlfriend of one of the lead cast members, Stephen Colletti, Jessica joined the show as the former’s best friend and primary confidante.

Although she was not seen much in season 1, Jessica became one of the main cast members in season 2 as a high school senior, preparing to leave for college the following year. She also primarily came to the limelight because of her turbulent and on-and-off romantic relationship with co-student and co-star Jason Wahler. According to what was seen on the show, Jason maintained multiple relationships at the same time and was even confronted about the same by Jessica. She also accused him of not treating her well and lying to her on multiple occasions.

The two broke up after around two months of dating and fighting about their trust issues. Jessica also dated another co-star, Dieter Schmitz, who was also her senior, in season 1. However, once the people leave for college, high school romances rarely make it in the long run, which is what also happened to Jessica’s relationship. Her friendship with Kristin Cavallari and Alex H. stood the test of time, for at least they were all together in Laguna Beach.

Where is Jessica Smith Today?

Jessica Smith has turned her life around entirely after her appearance on the show. However, she did not do it with the fame she garnered from it, as she refrained from being in the limelight after all. After nearly two decades since the show’s premiere, Jessica does not like remembering much from it, as she does regret her appearance and how she was being portrayed on the show. In an Instagram live with an account named Laguna Biotch, Jessica also mentioned that she is a little embarrassed about her behavior in her teenage years but doesn’t dwell on it much, as she considers it a thing of the past.

Accordingly, Jessica has successfully kept a low profile since then. After graduation, she went to Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo. In 2007, she did come into the spotlight again when she was reportedly arrested for driving under the influence and rear-ending a car on a California freeway. After supposedly paying a hefty amount of $100,000 for bail, Jessica was finally released. But she has completely changed her life around and lives in Texas with her husband of 13 years, Michael Evans. She currently runs a lifestyle website and her own Amazon storefront.

Jessica is now Jessica Smith Evans and is a happy mother to four adorable children: two sons — Michael, 12, and Colton, 8 — and two daughters — Brooke, 10, and Emma, 5. She met her husband in a restaurant where she worked as a waitress to put herself through college. The two fell in love and got married quite soon after that. The family often celebrates every birthday or occasion and goes on vacations together as one happy unit. Thus, we only wish Jessica and her family more happiness, success, and love for the future.

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