Where is Jessica Kill Now? The Anarchists Update

With HBO’s ‘The Anarchists’ exploring the way a collective pursuit for a stateless community got derailed by a series of strange as well as deadly events, the reality of lawlessness comes to light. That’s because there was not only wealth disparity and personal ambitions but also drug use, murders, and suicides amid the lives of those dreamers simply advocating for true self-ownership. If we’re being honest, though, one of the most intriguing people to be mentioned in this docuseries isn’t even a complete anarchist per se — so now let’s learn more about Jessica Kill, shall we?

Who is Jessica Kill?

Although originally from the wondrous city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, Jessica Kill is ostensibly quite renowned within the corporate entertainment industry across North America. It’d actually started once she landed the posts of Creative Executive at Voyageur Film Capital alongside Production Assistant at BTV Productions in the mid-1990s, just to quickly rise the ranks. That’s despite the fact she’d pursued Economics at Simon Fraser University (1993-1995) because her pure passion undeniably transcended the need for her educational background to match.

Jessica then moved on to serve in executive positions in quite a few film and television production houses before establishing her own business, Popular Press Media Group (PPMG), in 2011. She’d relocated to Hollywood by this point to utilize her unique skillset — an innovative hybrid of publicity, branding, as well as marketing — in every sector imaginable, including government. Her seeming success thus eventually caught the eye of Jeff Berwick, and he ended up recruiting her as Anarchapulco’s Executive Producer (Nathan T. Freeman’s sudden replacement) in 2019.

However, in the two years Jessica ran this anarcho-capitalist conference, no one from the community really liked her owing to her strong views and her outsider presence, per the HBO original. “She very clearly came in with her own mindset and agenda of how things should be done,” an anarchist said at one point. “She didn’t just come in and go, ‘Okay, Jeff, what do you want? Speakers, what do you need? I’m gonna facilitate this’.” Yet, on the flip side, Jeff not only backed her at every step of the way, but he also went as far as to insist that “most people hated her for no reason.”

Where is Jessica Kill Now?

From what we can tell, Jessica currently leads a good life in Beverly Hills, California, as a Public Relations as well as a Production professional specializing in NFTs, crypto, and entertainment. She’s seemingly no longer connected to Anarchapulco or the anarchist society in Acapulco in any manner, and it’s more than okay with her since she already has her hands full with other ventures. After all, the Langley Secondary School graduate (1993) is a Producer at 2KILL4 Entertainment, the President at 49Global Media, and a part-time Blockchain Senior Advisor at UMusic Hotels.

Whether it be music management, special events, or short/feature films, Jessica has ostensibly been behind the scenes to financially back them all. Just some of the latter actually include ‘Veritas’ (2007), ‘Cinco de Mayo’ (2008), ‘For Christ’s Sake’ (2010), ‘June’ (2015), and ‘Hoosier Detectives?’ (2017).

As for her personal standing, because the Canadian native prefers to keep this aspect of her life well away from the limelight, all we can tell from her social media platforms is that she’s a proud daughter, sister, and aunt who’s perfectly content with where she is today.

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