Where is Jonathan Corwin Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ’48 Hours NCIS: The Marine’s Wife’ is a tale that explores all the ins and outs of the 2014 disappearance and murder case of Erin Corwin. The 19-year-old Twentynine Palms Marine Corps wife had vanished on June 28, 2014, after telling her husband, Jonathan, that she was going on a hike, only to be found dead nearly two months later. But as it soon came to light, it was her neighbor, the man she had been having an affair with, that killed her. So now that it’s been a while, let’s find out what Johnathan is up to today, shall we?

Who is Jonathan Corwin?

Hailing from eastern Tennessee like his late-wife, Jonathan Corwin is a country-loving man through and through. Although he and Erin met when they were in middle school, they didn’t begin dating until her 16th birthday – until Jonathan, one year her senior, asked for her parents’ permission and got approval. Their relationship continued even as Jonathan decided to pursue a career with the U.S. Marines, so he ended up proposing to his sweetheart while still in high school. The couple got married in November 2012 and relocated to Jonathan’s marine base in Twentynine Palms, California, in September 2013.

As newlyweds, Jonathan and Erin had a lot of ups. But unfortunately, they had a few downs as well. Erin got pregnant with their child soon after their move, but she miscarried just weeks later, which threw their whole balance out of proportion. Thus, not only did the couple argue about their finances, but Erin also ended up growing distant from her husband, who didn’t know how to comfort his wife at the time. She reportedly withdrew from him and subsequently began an affair with their neighbor, Chris Lee. So, of course, when Erin disappeared, Jonathan did become a suspect for a while before being cleared by the investogators.

Where is Jonathan Corwin Now?

In his 2016 ‘Dateline‘ interview, Jonathan Corwin, heartbroken and somber, recalled the last conversation he ever had with his loving wife. “She had woken up and gotten dressed and gave me a kiss goodbye,” he said, detailing what he could have never imagined would be their final farewell. “[She] said, ‘Hey, I’m heading out for the day and I love you.’ I told her, ‘I love you too,’ and I rolled back over and went to sleep.” Throughout the day, Jonathan had tried to get in touch with Erin, but when he couldn’t get through, and she didn’t even come back home for the night, he reported her missing.

United States Marine Jonathan Corwin, from what we can tell, is still serving his country. But most importantly, it seems like he has moved on with his life. As per the last reports, although he now knows every aspect of what transpired between Erin and Chris Lee, he’s also trying to forgive the man he once considered a dear friend. “Obviously, I hate the actions that he did,” Jonathan told The Desert Sun. “But I feel like, if I let him bring hatred to my mind…, he is just going to pull me down.” We should mention that when Chris killed Erin, Jonathan knew about their affair but believed it had ended.

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