Where Is Kaelynn Partlow From Love On the Spectrum Now?

Netflix’s ‘Love On the Spectrum‘ brings to the forefront individuals on the autism spectrum and their journey to find true love. Like any other dating reality show, cameras follow these people as they go on dates, experience the joy of falling in love and sometimes feel the pangs of rejection and heartbreak. However, witnessing the whole journey through the eyes of people on the autism spectrum makes for a refreshing and heartwarming experience. Kaelynn Partlow was introduced in the debut season of ‘Love On the Spectrum U.S.,’ which is a spin-off of the Australian original of the same name.

Kaelynn lives with her best friend, Gracie, in Greenville, North Carolina. Although she stated that being around people left her feeling drained and exhausted, Kaelynn claimed she wanted a boyfriend because she hated living alone. Life on the autism spectrum has been quite challenging for Kaelynn as she has most of the learning disorders known to humankind, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, ADHD, and others. However, she never let her condition stop her from fulfilling her dreams and is even a responsible parent to her dog, Finnigan.

Besides, Kaelynn is also quite aware of her situation and is involved in teaching social, communication, and life skills to children living with autism. Interestingly, on the show, Kaelynn gave speed dating a shot and matched with Peter, who works in inside sales for real-estate development. They developed a strong connection during their session and could not wait to meet up for an actual date. It was also quite heartwarming to see how Kaelynn prepared herself for her date.

However, Gracie told Kaelynn that she should not date Peter if he doesn’t accept her as she is. Interestingly, the pair had a wonderful time during their date, where they talked about their worst online dating experience and even discussed Kaelynn’s obsession with birds. While Peter found her to be quite beautiful, sweet, and genuine, Kaelynn realized she enjoyed spending time with him. Moreover, Kaelynn also shared that Peter was fun to be around, and both believed they had a real connection. Now, in case you’re wondering about her whereabouts following the wrap-up of the season, we have got your back!

Where Is Kaelynn Partlow Today?

After an incredibly successful first date, Kaelynn and Peter looked forward to seeing each other again. They even had a second date planned. However, the show revealed that Peter ultimately canceled on her. Although the reason behind Peter’s decision has been kept under wraps, we know that Kaelynn and Peter have not contacted each other since then.


At present, it seems like Kaelynn is still involved in her work as an educator, where she imparts life skills to children on the autism spectrum. Besides, she also runs the Facebook community page, Kaelynn’s Autistic Angle, through which she provides information and support to parents, professionals, and people with autism. She even hopes that her Facebook page will bring people together and help build a community that supports people on the spectrum.

From what we can tell, it seems like Kaelynn is still single and has not been able to find the man of her dreams. However, she has built up a great life surrounded by her friends and loved ones. On the other hand, Kaelynn is also a highly enthusiastic dog parent and has attended several dog shows with her adorable pooch Finnigan. It truly is fantastic to witness Kaelynn live a happy life, and we wish her the very best for the years to come.

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