Where is Koyo Momota From The Future Diary Now?

In what can only be described as a reality dating series wherein strangers live out a romantic storyline already mapped for them in journal entries, ‘The Future Diary‘ is as cozy as it is unique. The most intriguing aspect, though, of season 2, in particular, was that it intertwined the lives of three individuals rather than two — and it was Koyo Momota who was ultimately left behind. So now, if you wish to learn more about his past experiences, his journey with Moka Nozoe and Akimitsu “Aki” Sumimoto, as well as his current whereabouts, we’ve got the key details for you.

Who is Koyo Momota?

While we first came across Koyo as a 23-year-old medical student who lived up to all stereotypes, the truth is that he is not only kind yet quiet but also polite, compassionate, and a bit clumsy. He actually admitted that his inspiration in every sense of the term is a doctor who’d treated him in elementary school for an injury that even landed him in a wheelchair for some time. He’d woken up one day with his ankles suddenly twisted, he said, and the doctor had warmly explained his condition before telling him it would be okay, which just drew him to the honorable profession.

As for his connection with Moka and Aki, Koyo developed a genuine friendship with them by staying true to himself despite technically competing with the latter for Moka’s affection. He didn’t let any aspect come in between him and his values, even if it meant sacrificing the easy route for a fair chance or simply walking away for the true happiness of those he cared about. The fact that he didn’t even hesitate before agreeing to do his best to reunite Moka and Aki once the diary entries end just evidences his best trait (apart from his smile); he always says what he means.

Where is Koyo Momota Now?

From what we can tell, Nagoya native Koyo is still based in the Aichi Prefecture, where he’s not only enrolled at the Nagoya City University School of Medicine but also recently began his residency. The youngster doesn’t know what field he’ll specialize in at the moment, yet it doesn’t bother him because it has seemingly been his long-term plan to gain a bit of first-hand experience prior to choosing for good. The knowledge and self-awareness that he has never regretted any of the significant decisions he has ever made, no matter the area, also truly puts his mind at ease.

“Looking back, [The Future Diary] was just a really fun and happy time ☺️,” Koyo recently penned on his Instagram, in part, in rough translation. “It is an irreplaceable treasure for me because I had the valuable experience of… meeting Akimitsu and Moka-chan… To be honest, there were many uncertainties, and I challenged myself while asking myself if this was okay, but it was The Future Diary. And when I saw Akimitsu and Moka reunited, I was so happy and full of heart 😊… I look forward to the day when I can meet you again, and I would like to devote myself every day! 💪” In other words, it appears as if Koyo, Aki, and Moka continue to be good friends.

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