Where is Larissa From Too Hot to Handle Now?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a reality dating series wherein ten absurdly attractive singles from all across the world face a challenge of abstinence like no other. To win a grand prize of $100,000, they’ll have to give up sex and every other form of physical intimacy while building deeper and more meaningful relationships with each other. From influencers to models and from strippers to lawyers, they’re all contestants in this sizzling program’s second season. So, let’s find out more about Larissa Trownson, the one who is most likely to follow in Harry Jowsey’s footsteps, shall we?

Who is Larissa Trownson?

From Aukland, New Zealand, Larissa Trownson is a lawyer who describes herself as “the real-life Elle Woods,” who has a fluffy pink pen to match as well. Because of her gorgeous looks, many people wonder if she is a part-time model, but she’s not. Larissa clarified it by stating, “I like burgers too much to model.” During her introduction video, she further commented on the contrast between her appearance and profession by declaring, “I feel like I should be really, like, wise and say that my best asset is my brain.” However, she actually thinks that it’s her chest and body.

Larissa is a force to be reckoned with – when she’s not engaged in her job in the legal world, she loves to go wild and party whenever possible. “It is not illegal to be sexy and have fun,” she asserted, adding that people call her Tinkerbell since “I need a lot of attention, or I’ll die.” When it comes to dating, Larissa admits that she is “terrible” because she expects to be the center of her partner’s universe while still doing whatever she wants. Her goal has never been commitment; it’s been fun. So, how that played out in the show where there’s a complete sex ban was definitely interesting.

Where is Larissa Trownson Now?

Still based in Auckland, New Zealand, Larissa Trownson continues to baffle the world with her unique combination of gorgeous physicality and mental aptitude. After all, she graduated in 2016 with a double degree in Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Political Science. Her Instagram bio also reads, in part, “Lawyer — you can be intellectual & wear a bikini too!” When she announced that she would be on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 2, Larissa penned, “Usually I love the law, but let’s see how I go with Lana’s rules.” Yet, only time will tell whether this experience transformed her.

Despite Larissa’s seemingly open and honest nature, she has not revealed much about her personal life on social media platforms. Most of her posts are centered around bikini shots or having a good time in the sun or restaurants. But Larissa does make it clear that she has a very positive mindset and a funny side. While one of her captions affirms, “I do own clothes see,” another says, “My favourite colour is bikini.” She’ll never shy away or apologize for who she is, and that makes us think that Larissa can find herself to be one of the fan favorites.

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