Where is Christina From Too Hot to Handle Now?

Netflix’s saucy, steamy, and sizzling reality dating game show, ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ is back with its second season, and it has somehow succeeded in being even more scandalous than before. When a group of stupidly good-looking singles from all over the world step onto the shores of an island to meet and mingle, the sexual tension between them becomes palpable. Despite that, they have to refrain from indulging in physical contact if they want to win the $100,000 grand prize. So now, let’s uncover more about the new and daring contestant, Christina Carmela, shall we?

Who is Christina Carmela?

Christina Carmela Panebianco is a commercial pilot and model who seems to be the perfect blend of Italian, Portuguese, and South African. She was born and raised in Cape Town, but her dad is from Italy and her mom from Portugal, making her upbringing profoundly diverse and indicative of how her experiences, in general, would turn out. In her own words, Christina is very ambitious when it comes to her personal and professional life, so she doesn’t ever shy away from working for who and what she wants. Yet, she admits that she also likes to have fun and go wild.

Commitment and long-term bonds were not on Christina’s mind when she signed up for the reality program. And even when she comprehended that the production is actually ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ she stated that she couldn’t just follow the instructions. “Rules are meant to be broken,” Christina said, making us believe that she might live up to her previous comments, one of which were, “Once I arrive, there’s going to be no handbrake. We’re going wild.” A complete sex ban is not something she could fathom, but whether her participation on the show changed that, only time will tell.

Where is Christina Carmela Now?

From what we can tell, Christina Carmela Panebianco is currently based in London, England. Apart from being a commercial pilot and model, the 30-year-old is also a businesswoman seeking to build her own private charter company, Beau Monde Aviation. After finishing up high school and doing a few odd jobs, Christina moved to India to begin a career in entertainment through Bollywood. Within two years, she succeeded and saved enough to attend one of South Africa’s best flight schools, so she chose to pursue that. Thus, she’s been flying for roughly 12 years now.

From Instagram to Unlok, Christina’s content mainly revolves around her career as a model and pilot, making it evident that she’s very proud of her occupation choices. Her goal, she vows, is to inspire. Having faced taunts for being a woman in the cockpit and being mistaken for a flight attendant even in uniform, she now dreams of an industry where absolutely no other female has to endure similar obstacles. Respect, passion, recognition, and love are all Christina years to see in the future. She enjoys undertaking new adventures, so she’ll continue to do so for as long as possible.

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