Where is Robert From Too Hot to Handle Now?

When ‘Too Hot to Handle’ premiered on Netflix in 2020, it quickly became known as the perfect mix of ‘Love Island,’ ‘Love is Blind,’ and ‘Survivor.’ In this saucy and steamy reality dating series, a group of absurdly attractive singles meet and mingle on the shores of paradise before a complete sex ban is placed on them by a virtual assistant called Lana. To win a massive grand prize of $100,000, the contestants must refrain from physical touch while creating relationships. But as we see on season 2, that is easier said than done for some, including newbie Robert Van Tromp.

Who is Robert Van Tromp?

Described as a “British beefcake” thanks to his blonde hair, blue eyes, 6’3″ height, and gorgeous yet bulky physical appearance, Robert Van Tromp is a true Englishman. He has admitted to all of these aspects himself but has also added that he can “be a bit of a dirty dog.” Clueless and intelligent at the same time, as per his introduction on the program, he has a smile that several find undeniably charming. “People do say, ‘You’re always laughing, always smiling,'” Robert confessed, adding that it’s because “I’m getting a lot of sex. Sex [for me] is very, very important.”


Robert is someone who deems physical attraction, intimate links, and sex to be as important as food in his life, so going even a week without any of them seems unfathomable to him. Though, considering how dedicated he is to his work, he prefers casual flings over committed relationships. Thus, when he found out that he actually signed up to be on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ instead of a made-up show devoted to sexy, young singles going wild and unchecked while partying, the only thing he could say was, “Sorry, what?!” Robert never expected this shock to come into his life.

Where is Robert Van Tromp Now?

Based in London, England, Robert Van Tromp used to be a Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Regional Consultant for SAP Concur for four years, where he fulfilled administrative, analytical, and maintenance requirements while helping other firms manage their travel and expenses. But now, he seems to be a free man devoting his time to traveling and establishing a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Robert uses “#models” with most of his recent Instagram pictures, but it doesn’t look like he is signed with an agency. With his Netflix debut, however, that might change soon.

From Egypt to the Caribbean and from Costa Rica to Thailand, Robert has traversed many countries and acquired knowledge about several cultures, making it evident that he loves to undertake new adventures and uncover new things. Thus, we do not doubt that he will continue to do so once the world properly opens up again. Moreover, Robert seems to have a passion for photography and appears to be a highly skilled scuba diver. So, with his unique combination of holding a hospitality degree as a public figure, we can’t wait to see what steps he’ll take next.

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