Where is Lauren Worley Today?

Passion often twists itself to obsession, which is when things turn deadly. At least, that is what happened when Shayna Hubers became fixated with Ryan Poston, a young attorney with his life ahead of him. ABC’s ’20/20′ looks at the horrifying murder of Ryan, when Shayna shot him six times, after being unable to convince him about getting back with her. Before the two met over Facebook and started dating, Ryan was in a relationship with a woman named Lauren Worley for some time.

But, they were broken up and in a rebound phase – dating other people, when Hubers entered Poston’s life. Soon, Worley became more than familiar with the name, since Hubers kept comparing herself with Worley and even noted that she’d ruined her life with Ryan. Lauren was present at Hubers’ trial and received some closure after the verdict. Still, you might be wondering where Ryan’s ex is at present, and we have got you covered.

Where is Lauren Worley Now?

Lauren met Ryan in 2009, at a bar in Cincinnati. Things started moving pretty quickly between them. At the time, Worley was studying at the Chase Law School near Cincinnati, and Ryan had recently graduated from the same place. Lauren’s former roommate said that he was perfect for her, and true to form, the couple soon moved in together. They shared an apartment, and soon got two puppies together – Lily and Max.

Theirs was a ‘love at first sight,’ and Lauren expressed surprise that Ryan wanted to date her. She commented on how he made her safe due to his habit of carrying a firearm in his ankle holster. They fell in love hard in the beginning but decided to call it quits after a year and a half. Lauren noted they were both young when they got into the relationship, and she was still in law school. Even when they parted ways, at the back of the minds, Lauren and Ryan probably always thought they’d end up together again.

Of course, Shayna ensured that this dream could never see the light of day, and Lauren’s always expressed regret that she might have been able to stop it if she had an inkling of what was about to happen. Not much is known about Lauren’s present whereabouts, but she seems to be 33 years old now and lives in Lexington, Kentucky. As per her last interview, it has been quite challenging to move past the person Lauren thought was the love of her life. Lauren has noted that she loved Ryan, and still does. He is her lover in the clouds.

While one hopes that Lauren will eventually find the peace and closure she deserves, Shayna’s life sentence will have to serve as justice for now. As someone close to Ryan Poston, Lauren’s visibly struck by the tragedy of losing the promising young man unexpectedly and tragically.

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