Where is Shayna Hubers Now?

ABC’s ’20/20′ shines a light on the horrific murder of Ryan Poston, a Kentucky lawyer. The 29-year-old was shot and killed on October 12, 2012, by his on-and-off girlfriend, Shayna Hubers. The couple always had a rocky history ever since they met on Facebook. People have described Hubers as obsessed with Poston, who had difficulties hurting her feelings and letting her go. On the night of the murder, the two were broken up, and Poston was on his way to a date with Audrey Bolte – Miss Ohio 2012.

There’s no information about Shayna knowing of the date, but she showed up before Ryan could leave, perhaps in an attempt to win him over. When it didn’t work, she shot him numerous times, with some hitting his face. Hubers called the police soon after but behaved strangely in the interrogation room. Her erratic behavior was accentuated by Hubers singing ‘Amazing Grace’ to herself and admitting that she killed him. Shayna even remarked, offhandedly, that she gave Ryan the nose job he always wanted. Since then, Hubers has faced two trials – one in 2015 and one in 2018. She’s been found guilty in both cases, but why did she have two trials for one murder? And, where is Shayna Hubers now? We’ve got all the details.

Where is Shayna Hubers Today?

Shayna Hubers was diagnosed with BPD or borderline personality disorder by two psychologists during her trial. Still, her defense team did not go with temporary insanity as a viable line of argument. Instead, her attorney tried to make the case that the murder was in self-defense. A picture was portrayed where Ryan was the one who abused Shayna during their relationship and didn’t let her leave. It was alleged that Shayna killed him, fearing for her life. Responding to this, the prosecutor scoffed that when someone shoots another person six times, self-defense is the only viable option.

Seemingly, the jury held the same belief in the first trial, finding Hubers guilty and sentencing her to 40 years in prison. But, by a stroke of luck, Shayna had her day in court once again. It came to light that one of the jurors was a felon. In Kentucky, the law states that a juror cannot have a felony record. But, even with the proceedings being carried out again, Hubers struck out. She was found guilty, and this time, her lawyer tried to secure a 20-year sentence. He tried to mitigate her behavior, saying Hubers is immature and has psychological disorders.

The prosecutor pushed for a life sentence, saying that Hubers didn’t just murder Ryan, she executed him. Ryan’s father, Jay Poston, also delivered a moving address in court where he lashed out at Hubers to some extent. Ultimately, the judge decided to give a life sentence, on recommendation from the jury. However, Hubers is eligible for parole as per her sentencing. By the time of the second trial, she’d spent five years and ten months in prison, but she’ll have to do another twenty behind bars before her parole hearing in 2032. She’s currently at the KY Correctional Institute for Women and seems to be under medium security. Check out her prison record here.

While in jail, Hubers was married to Unique Taylor, a transgender woman. In 2019, she filed for divorce at the Campbell County Family Court, stating that their marriage was ‘irretrievably broken.’ As per the filings, Taylor lives in Arizona and is a tattoo artist.

Hubers’ trial for Ryan’s murder went into explicit details of their relationship, including the non-stop texting from Hubers when they were broken up. Testimony was collected from forensic experts and psychologists, all of which painted Shayna guilty. Jay Poston noted that evil took it upon herself to take away Ryan from everyone when she couldn’t possess him. Understandably, Poston’s family is reeling from the loss of their loved one, who died too soon.

Hubers has admitted to the act, and despite considering her mental state, the prison sentence seems justified. Spending time behind bars will help her reflect on the consequences of her actions, so by the time she appears for her parole hearing, Shayna Hubers might be ready to be reintegrated into society.

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