Where is Lifetime’s Hot Chocolate Holiday Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Directed by Brian Brough, Lifetime’s ‘Hot Chocolate Holiday’ is a romantic movie. It follows coffee shop owner Colette, who relies on her secret hot chocolate recipe to earn her as many customers as possible. However, she has a rival named Marcus on the block. He owns a dessert shop that possibly uses the same recipe as her. As Colette tries to get to the bottom of the matter, she ends up discovering a whole new side to Marcus. The movie is set against vibrant Christmas lights layered over a wide expanse of snow. If this makes you curious about where it was shot, we have news for you!

Hot Chocolate Holiday Filming Locations

The spectacular snow-laden landscape is what characterizes this holiday romance movie. Apparently, filming took place in the fall of 2020 despite the storyline’s essential theme being the holidays. The end result is incredibly impressive, so you might want to take a look at the specific places that feature in the film!

Provo, Utah

‘Hot Chocolate Holiday’ was filmed in the calming reserves of Provo, Utah. One of the locations seen in the film is The Shops at Riverwoods, located at 4801 North University Avenue. Set against a pleasant yet peaceful environment, the shopping area has some of the most eclectic local boutiques and restaurants cradled in a neverending alley of shops. It is also known to turn into a true winter wonderland during the holidays.

History and aesthetics merge into a single setup as beautiful lights adorn The Shops at Riverwoods filled with antique shops and high-end establishments. A few locals were seen having a good time sauntering through the set of the movie! Actor Jonny Swenson, who plays Marcus, was particularly thrilled to be filming in the midst of a friendly cast and crew. He shared his experiences on social media, phrasing it as a “Throwback Thursday of behind the scenes” of the movie.

Provo is known for housing the esteemed Brigham Young University. Besides that, it has an impressive stack of museums, including the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, that tourists absolutely love. The BYU Museum of Paleontology and the BYU Museum of Art are two more locations that are famous among locals and tourists alike. You might find it interesting to know that holiday movies like ’12 Gifts of Christmas’ and ‘Christmas Tree Lane‘ were shot in the city.

Hot Chocolate Holiday Cast

This Lifetime feature film showcases Aubrey Reynolds as Colette, a coffee shop owner who is known for making the perfect hot chocolate. The actor stars in several TV movies, including ‘Christmas Tree Lane’ and ‘Secrets in the Snow.’ Jonny Swenson essays the roles of Marcus, a dessert shop owner who apparently steals Colette’s recipe. The actor might seem familiar because of his role in ‘Echo Boomers.’ Other actors featuring in the Lifetime movie are Kelsie Elena (Nikki), Robert John Moody (Frank Banner), Dele Opeifa (Steven), Nathan Lesser (Jonathan), Brandan Ngo (Simon), Susan Phelan (Sandra), Shae Robins (Mallory), and Madison Savoie (Angie).

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