Where is Lily Forester’s (Miranda Webb) Family Now?

With HBO’s ‘The Anarchists’ revolving around a group of eclectic dreamers, fugitives, and crypto-enthusiasts as they advocate for self-rulership, the dark side of humanity gets a spotlight as well. That’s because this six-part original chronicles the strange as well as deadly series of events that eventually ended up largely scattering the anarcho-capitalist community in Acapulco, Mexico. Amongst them was Lily Forester (real name Miranda Webb) — but for now, if you just wish to learn more about her family, their impact on her, and their current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Lily Forester’s Family?

Lily was born as Miranda Webb to Randal “Randy” Webb and Michelle “Red” Jarvis as an only child back in 1993, but she does have four half-siblings fathered by different men, as per the docuseries. Her childhood was thus a little troubled — not only did her parents separate when she was just 2, but she also remembers the fact her father used to buy weed off her mother before they got together. Moreover, according to Randy in the production, although his then-partner Michelle was genuinely very intelligent, she was “a party girl” as well as “an alcoholic” who drank every single day.

“My entire life since conception has been infected by the war on drugs…,” Lily said at one point. “[My earliest memories are of] camping with my dad and shady people [being] around my mom.” The eldest of her half-siblings, sister Kat Glaze, even revealed it was quite common for them not to have any food on the table while they resided with their mother, which meant they had to steal. “We kind of just lived day-to-day…,” Kat stated, ” We’d have to go steal groceries out of people’s trunks when they were taking car loads into the house. It was explained to me as this is just what you did to survive.”

One of the worst parts for them as kids, though, was the police raid at their mother’s house owing to her use/sale of heroin, which Kat believes definitely shaped her sister’s perception of authority. The fact Michelle passed away from vehicle-pedestrian collisions upon walking into the street following a psychotic breakdown under the influence back in December 2010 also affected them a lot. However, the comparisons Lily had to endure because of the health and physical likeness she shared with her mother were what eventually drove her to realize she wanted a different life for herself.

Where is Lily Forester’s Family Now?

From what we can tell, despite being a fugitive based in Mexico, Lily Forester is still close to nearly every member of her family, whether it be her kind father or her half-siblings. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the latter four— seemingly actually named Katie “Kat Glaze” Kury, Jericho Rich, Julian Allen, and Christian Allen— but we do know her father is doing well at the moment. It appears as if Randy, a Perry, Ohio native, is following his passions, and that’s why he recently took up a position at Webb’s Auto Body shop in Front Royal, Virginia.

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