Where is Sonja Farak’s Mother Now?

Sonja Farak grew up with an interest in sports, and a desire to do well in life. She eventually landed a job at the Amherst crime lab of the Massachusetts State Police, after graduating from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. However, the Netflix docuseries, ‘How To Fix a Drug Scandal’, shows us Sonja’s moment of weakness, which led her to experiment with the drugs in evidence.

It was a slippery slope from there, as Sonja went from cocaine to crack cocaine and even LSD. She started skimming small amounts of drugs, but soon, she was falsifying evidence and cooking crack cocaine in the evidence lab. In Netflix’s docuseries we get to hear from her sister, and mother, who give us an insight into Sonja’s life, and how her actions impacted them.

Now, you might be curious about where Sonja’s mother, Linda, is at the moment. We have got you covered in that regard.

Where is Linda Farak Now?

Linda Farak is currently in her 60s. By some accounts, she is 68 years old. Linda was born on 19th July 1951. Linda was married to Stanley M Farak, who was in the US Navy. Unfortunately, Stanley passed away in 2015. It appears that Linda has Christianity listed as her religion, and is a Caucasian woman, who’s registered as a Democrat.

She’s a high school graduate. Apart from the late Stanley Farak, it appears that Amy and Sonja make up the rest of Linda’s family. No wonder, she expresses an initial surprise upon learning that Sonja got addicted to drugs while working on her job. However, it must be said that Linda has maintained a straight backbone about the entire matter.

Towards the end of the docuseries, we see her coming to terms with Sonja’s indiscretions. Nonetheless, she remains a private person and asks to be left alone. Perhaps, this desire for privacy, combined with Linda’s age, is why she doesn’t have much of a digital footprint.

However, we have been able to figure out that Linda works at the Protective Service Occupations. She still resides in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, specifically, in the Portsmouth Park Area. Since Linda does not seem to have any social media profiles, we cannot give you a recent photographic update. However, from the docuseries, it is clear that she remains in touch with her daughters. In fact, ‘How To Fix a Drug Scandal’ shows the Faraks at a football game after Sonja serves time for her actions.

In conclusion, Linda seems to be where she always was. The woman is older now and is perhaps trying to put the incident concerning her daughter, behind her.

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