Where is Lorena Bobbitt Now?

Lorena Bobbitt and her then-husband John, became a media sensation in 1993 when the former cut off the latter’s penis and threw it in a field. Upon examination, John and Lorena’s story revealed a murkier truth. The charming marine had turned into a manipulative abuser soon after their marriage, subjecting Lorena to a toxic domestic condition. She was pushed to the point where she snapped, and her actions were ruled to be a result of temporary insanity. In a post #MeToo world, Lorena’s case has been examined numerous times, and the latest happens to be Lifetime’sI was Lorena Bobbitt.’

By providing Lorena’s account of events leading up to the act, ‘I was Lorena Bobbitt’ reduces the distance between the subject and what is shown on screen. As a result, it is much more impactful, and one is left wondering where Lorena Bobbitt is today after the ordeal. Don’t worry, we have got you covered right here.

Where is Lorena Bobbitt Now?

Firstly, Lorena is no longer Bobbitt. She’s now Lorena Gallo. NBC reported in 2014 that she’d moved to Gainsville, Virginia. However, a more recent update states that she’s moved back to Manassas, Virginia, where the ‘incident’ (as she calls it) took place. Despite returning to where she was subjected to a period of abuse, Lorena’s life is drastically different now.

She is happy with her partner David Bellinger and their daughter, Olivia, who was born in 2005. Olivia often helps her mother deliver gifts to children living in domestic abuse shelters. Lorena spoke about her relationship with David, saying, “He’s my best friend and he is a good father. Before, when I was young, when I was married, I was really naive and young, I didn’t know what I wanted.”

Despite Lorena changing her life for the better, she realized that not much had changed for victims and survivors of domestic violence. She wanted to change things for them. Lorena spoke to ET, saying, “I felt that it was the right thing to do, to come forward with my story. If I could help at least one person to escape domestic violence, then all my pain and suffering that I went through was not in vain.” With that in mind, she set up Lorena’s Red Wagon in 2007, which is now the Lorena Gallo Foundation. Speaking of the foundation, Lorena says, “The mission is to expand domestic violence and sexual assault prevention education and [provide] emergency response resources and community engagement for survivors and their children.”

She also works as a public speaker, reaches out to the Latinx community, academic programs, and private sectors to raise awareness about domestic violence. Check out her picture at an event by the Texas Council on Family Violence.

If you’ve seen Lorena’s pictures from her trial period, you’ll notice that she’s blond now. Lorena’s spoken about this saying, “I was a hairstylist, and know a lot of people in the industry. They decided to put some highlights in my hair. The more highlights I had, I ended up becoming blonde. I decided to keep it. I like it.” She’s a manicurist, hairstylist, and also has her real estate license. Check out a recent picture of Lorena, celebrating Easter.


So, Lorena seems to have turned her life around, but what about ex-husband John? Well, they divorced in 1995, and John moved to Las Vegas in 1997. However, he continues making unwanted advances towards Lorena. She claims that John still harasses her and ironically reaches out to her through the foundation. He posts rude comments and bad reviews, and Lorena claims he needs help.

As for her most recent update, Lorena, like the rest of the world, is concerned about the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced us all into a lockdown. However, she’s even more worried about those living in abusive homes, who now have nowhere else to go. She dreams of opening an emergency shelter for these individuals. Lorena said, “It will be a place where they can go and feel safe with their children, escaping their abusers, especially now in the middle of this pandemic. So we are basically dealing with two major problems here.”

It seems that Lorena has tapped into some inner strength to stand up for others, and she’s admitted as much, saying that her trauma has made her a much more resilient person today.

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