Where is Margie From Hoarders Season 12 Episode 7 Now?

Ever since its premiere on August 17, 2009, ‘Hoarders’ has been exploring the world of extreme hoarding. Taking a deep dive into the lives of people on the verge of a crisis caused by the fact that they are unable to part with even the smallest of their possessions, this Emmy-nominated reality television series profiles the outcome of a lifestyle that can only be deemed unhygienic.

With piles of junk filling their homes, a hoarding disorder can literally bury its sufferer in its symptoms, resulting in eviction, personal problems, the involvement of authorities, or even jail time. And the seventh episode of season 12, titled ‘Margie,’ featuring Margie, is standing proof of it. So, let’s find out all that there is to know about her, shall we?

Margie’s Home is Far From Safe

A&E’s official synopsis for the episode states: “Filled with an estimated 500 tons of clutter, Margie and Bethel’s house is an extreme fire hazard. Her family refuses to allow their grandchildren to visit due to unsanitary conditions and the extremely hazardous environment. Even though the home is contaminated with rodent waste, Margie sees no danger. Suffering from back pain that will require surgery, her family knows the home is unfit for Margie’s recovery. Now with the help of the Hoarders team of experts, Margie will have a chance to clean up and create a safe environment.”

As the camera pans around Margie’s home, we see the true extent of how she has managed to cover every corner and crevice with random objects, heaps of cardboard and plastic boxes, and a myriad of clothes, electronic devices, and seemingly useless pieces of furniture. “This is not safe,” we hear psychologist Dr. Robin Zasio say at one point, but Margie maintains that it is and that there is no issue in the way she lives. She even goes as far as to say, “I’m not giving in guys.” Fortunately, though, with the help of the professionals and her loved ones, she eventually agrees to change her ways for her future.

Margie’s Family is Her Backbone

Referring to the fact that he has tried time and time again to make her see that the environment she is in is far from secure, Margie’s son admits that “it’s just hard for my mom to see that we’re here to help.” “I love you,” he adds while talking to his mother one-on-one, “and when I can’t come see you, it breaks my heart.” Then, another one of Margie’s family members breaks down in front of the camera and voices her worst fears — losing Margie and Bethel forever. “I want my kids to have grandparents,” she says, and that’s what finally pushes Margie to turn over a new leaf.

With the ensuing work, there are a few disagreements and arguments. But slowly yet surely, thanks to the experts and the love and support of those who genuinely care about her, Margie manages to accept that she needs to clean up her act not just for her family but also for her own well-being. Despite still having a long way to go, Margie has made progress, and we bet that if she lets herself be vulnerable and open to change, she will recover from her hoarding disorder in no time. Margie will be able to grow, change her habits, and improve her overall living conditions.

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