Where is Melinda From Too Hot to Handle Now?

Created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle’ is a reality series where dating takes an unexpected turn at every possible step. Here, a group of absolutely beautiful individuals steps onto an island resort thinking that they’ll be able to mingle with like-minded singles, but they quickly realize that they’ll have to give up their temptations while creating meaningful relationships to possibly win a $100,000 grand prize. And with season two proving that this process is easier said than done, let’s learn a bit more about contestant Melinda Melrose, shall we?

Who is Melinda Melrose?

At the age of 28, Melinda Berry is a model from Brooklyn, New York, using the stage name of Melinda Melrose in favor of her real one. Raised in a big family with 15 siblings, she had to learn how to stand out and not just be a wallflower. So, she continued to pave new paths for herself even once she grew up and is now a complete “firecracker” who runs every aspect of her personal and professional life. “No one owns me,” Melinda said in her intro clip. “I own me.” She admitted that she always has options when it comes to dating, but she is the alpha. “I’m the predator. I am on the hunt.”

When it comes to her personality, Melinda described herself as the “life of the party” and “the queen of sass.” If she knows what she wants, she will never shy away from going after it. As for her type, she needs a man who will adore her, respect her, compliment her, and keep up with her loud and extroverted nature no matter what. Her dream companion doesn’t take life too seriously and is a little wild, just like her. In the season trailer, we even heard her saying, “If this what love feels like, I don’t ever want to lose it.” So maybe she did find her ideal partner after all.

Where is Melinda Melrose Now?

Melinda Melrose’s modeling career is a little more unconventional than the rest due to her height. Standing at 5’5″ compared to the standard 5’8″+, it seems like she managed to build a name for herself in the industry merely by her vibrant social media presence and print trades. Even her Instagram bio acknowledges her tenacity to stick to the occupation by reading, “built a runway I’m not too short for.” Despite all this, though, Melinda still found herself on a billboard in the middle of Times Square in New York, which is every model’s goal from the moment they start working.

Melinda’s high-end profession has taken her all over the world, so to keep her public interaction going, she also has a TikTok and a YouTube channel, where she has posted challenges and makeup tutorials, respectively. The New Yorker seems more than excited to keep expanding her career, which only showcases how ambitious she is. Moreover, as per a few of her posts on social media, she enjoys having creative independence and concocting new ideas. Thus, it won’t be shocking if Melinda decides to move in a different direction one day, which we, for one, would be excited to see.

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