Where is Nam Laks Now? Is She Still in New York?

With Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire: New York’ living up to its promise of featuring some of the most affluent Asian Americans residing in the Excelsior State, we get a true insight into the life of luxury. However, if we’re being honest, the one individual to intrigue us the most throughout this production was none other than Nam Laks, affectionately referred to as “The Blair Waldorf of Thailand.” That’s because of not just her financial standing, social status, and fashion sense but also her sheltered, innocent naivety — so now, let’s actually delve into her current whereabouts, shall we?

Nam Laks’ Bling Empire Journey

Although Nam was reportedly born around early February 1994 as one of three to Thai business executive Nakorn Laksanakarn and his kind, loving wife, she has never been a mere Thai girl. After all, she attended Harrow International School, Woldingham School, as well as International School Bangkok before going on to pursue her Bachelor’s from the University of Manchester. She then actually enrolled at Colombia University’s Spirituality Mind Body Institute-Teacher’s College in New York for a Master’s once her father indicated he wanted this higher education degree for her.

“This is one of my dad’s biggest things, like, he just loves when his children graduate,” Nam stated in the Netflix original at one point before elucidating that the whole family is incredibly close. As the only young daughter within the brood, she even candidly added, “I am definitely daddy’s little girl, but my dad doesn’t always spoil me. There’s a whole list of how to get daddy to say yes.” The truth is her reason for relocating to New Tork was a desire to step out of her sheltered upbringing and her comfort zone, which she gradually did do by forming some new connections.

Nevertheless, Nam’s newfound independence wasn’t financial in any way, shape, or form — neither did she control her extravagant spending habits, nor did she get a part-time job while studying. She had a personal stylist who dressed her up for not only events but also school, lived at the luxury Latham Hotel, and unnecessarily splurged on branded clothes without thinking twice about the finances. That’s why her family indicated her father was thinking of cutting her off upon graduation if she didn’t stand on her own two feet in New York; the other alternative was to return to Thailand.

Is Nam Laks Still in New York?

Nam desperately wished to remain in New York since she’d utterly fallen in love with the state, the people, and the bustle, yet getting a proper job was something she genuinely dreaded. The only employed work she has admittedly ever done was at a fast food joint for a few months in Bangkok, and she hated every second, making her believe she’s just not made for it. So, with the knowledge her father would support her for at least a couple of months once she was finally done with her studies, but more than that was wishful thinking, she began mentally preparing for any outcome.

Coming to her current standing, from what we can tell through her social media platforms, Nam has primarily been residing in Bangkok, Thailand, since graduating from Columbia University in 2022. Yet because she has made a few trips to New York as well, it appears as if she’s currently dividing her time between the two wondrous, hustling places to the best of her abilities. We should mention that it doesn’t seem like she ever worked towards getting a white-collar job, though she has seemingly been serving as a socialite, a fashion influencer, and a pure public figure.

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