What is Blake Abbie’s Sexuality? Is He Non-Binary?

With his appearance in Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire: New York,’ Blake Abbie is an accomplished editor who has earned quite a fan following, with people eager to know everything about his life. While many are curious about his career, others cannot help but wonder about his romantic experiences. Since his journey surrounding his sexual identity and family was covered in the reality show, Blake’s admirers cannot help but wonder more about the same. So now, if you are curious about it too, do not worry because we have you covered!

Blake Abbie’s Sexuality

Blake is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and openly prefers the term “queer” when it comes to his sexuality. In other words, he seems open to any possibility that life brings his way and is simply hopeful about finding love. Whether male, female, trans, non-binary, or gender non-conforming, he does not have a concrete preference at all. We should mention that he has even once referred to himself as “fluid” in terms of his identity, but the pronouns he uses are he/him. However, given his maternal Chinese roots, he often struggles to maintain a balance between the traditional expectations from him and what he wants for himself.

In season 1 of the Netflix show, viewers get to see Blake talk to his cousin Kelly and realize that many of his family members, including his grandmother, hope that he soon has a child. However, at the time, a single Blake was not even sure that his future family, no matter the partner, would even fit into the mold of the expectations. Therefore, in order to get a bit of clarity and learn whether there would be acceptance, the editor decided to talk to his mother, June.

During an open and honest conversation with his mother, Blake shared that he was aware of the expectations many have for him to continue the family “lineage.” As the oldest and only son, he knew the pressure on him to have a child, especially following his father’s passing, was immense. “I know a part of me does feel guilty that I didn’t have a child when Dad was still alive,” Blake confessed. “I think it would’ve been really nice for him to meet his grandkid.”

However, June was quick to reassure her son and told Blake that his father would never have pressured him. “He would let you do whatever you like,” she told him. Relieved to hear his mother say this and reassured that his father trusted him, Blake told his mother that he does want a child though his family might not start in a conventional way. “Maybe I’ll have a kid by myself, maybe I’ll have a kid with someone. I don’t know what my family’s gonna look like,” he shared.

Above anything, Blake simply wants to find someone who loves him and whom he loves very much. “I want to stay open to see who that person could be,” he explained. “It could be a man, woman, trans-person, non-binary.” And as it turns out, his mother didn’t have a problem at all. June assured him that she supported him in his quest for happiness and did not care what his future child might “look like.” According to her, her only concern was and will always be the baby’s overall health and her son’s happiness. As of writing, it does not seem like Blake is dating anyone, but we do hope that his future family is exactly as he wishes it to be.

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