Where is Nathan From Too Hot to Handle Now?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ is a reality dating show that brings together a group of attractive and sexual singles and challenges them to refrain from intimate contact in exchange for a hefty grand prize of $100,000. The goal is not only to test the players’ willpower when it comes to abstinence from sex but also to teach them the importance of building emotional relations. Yet, of course, while some violate the rules, others follow, learn, and come out with a changed perspective on life. So, with that said, if you’re curious to know more about contestant Nathan Webb, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Nathan Webb?

Although a Texas citizen, Nathan Webb is an Englishman who relocated to the United States of America and became a male entertainer, or in his own words, “a hot, sexy male stripper.” In fact, when asked what he does for a living at the very beginning of the show, he simply replied, “Have you ever seen Magic Mike? That’s what I do.” Moreover, he is confident in his looks and specialized dance moves, going as far as to call himself a “love child” of James Bond and Dolly Parton. Nathan’s passion for everything country runs so deep that, sometimes, it’s hard to find the English in him.

“There’s two fantasies that girls have in America,” Nathan remarked during his introduction on the first episode. “It’s an English guy and a cowboy, so I thought, ‘let’s combine the two.'” However, he also admitted that he had his heart broken relatively recently, so he’s found it difficult to commit and thinks that he deserves a few casual flings. For this, Nathan elaborated on his “game” by stating that he doesn’t need any; his accent and occupation does it all for him. He’s a sexual person and claims to have proven it to his lovers. “Am I undeniably sexy? Yes,” Nathan said.

Where is Nathan Webb Now?

Although a University of Houston graduate, Nathan Webb seems to have settled down in Dallas, Texas. From the looks of it, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, he is now a former stripper who loves to spend most of his free time exploring the state, hanging out at all the cities’ hot spots, and falling deeper in love with country music. And we have to be honest, a mere look at his social media feeds and bios makes it evident that he is pleased with his decision to have moved up from London. The only aspect Nathan does not like about it is that he’s now far from his siblings.

Apart from being a specialized dancer and world traveler, it also looks like Nathan is a dog lover and quite athletic. While he’s “Chasing the American Dream,” as per his Instagram bio, he ensures that his pet Rottweiler, called Holly, is always by his side. From simple walks to long trips to the farmer’s market to city escapades – Holly is Nathan’s companion for everything. As for his athleticism, his feed includes numerous photographs depicting him near a basketball court, on quad bikes, kayaking, and driving a small boat. Thus, he definitely appears to enjoy outdoor adventures.

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