Where is Netflix’s Let’s Get Divorced Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Let’s Get Divorced’ is a Japanese comedy-drama series that follows a third-generation politician and lawmaker Taishi Shoji and his wife, Yui Kurosawa, a famous actress who got her big breakthrough with a drama series. The two have been married for five years, and although they act like a happy couple on the surface for their public image and work, their marriage has been slowly deteriorating.

Taishi and Yui collectively decide to split up, but external factors and their parents disapprove. So, to achieve the common goal of getting a divorce, the couple must join forces and work hand in hand. Starring Tori Matsuzaka, Riisa Naka, Ryo Nishikido, Yuka Itaya, Risa Oda, and Fuju Kamio, the comedy show unfolds in some interesting settings as the couple navigates their tough marriage and tries to do what it takes to get divorced. If you are interested to know where ‘Let’s Get Divorced’ is shot, allow us to fill you in on all the details!

Let’s Get Divorced Filming Locations

‘Let’s Get Divorced’ is filmed entirely in Japan, specifically in Tokyo, Matsuyama City, and seemingly in Okinawa. Principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the series reportedly commenced in March 2022 and reportedly wrapped up in June of the same year. So, let’s not waste time and dive right into all the specific locations where the protagonists’ marriage gets tested in the Netflix series!

Tokyo, Japan

A significant portion of ‘Let’s Get Divorced’ is lensed in and around Tokyo, which is not only Japan’s capital but also its economic center. The filming unit reportedly sets up camp in different sites across the capital, probably in and around Tokyo Media City at 5 Chome-7-1 Kinuta in Setagaya City. Moreover, in the backdrop of several exterior portions, you will likely notice some iconic and popular landmarks and buildings. Some are Nishi-Shinjuku, Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, the National Diet Building, the Tokyo Imperial Palace, and Tokyo Skytree.

Other Locations in Japan

For shooting purposes, the production team of ‘Let’s Get Divorced’ also travels to other locations across Japan. For instance, Matsuyama possibly serves as one of the primary production locations for the comedy-drama series. Situated on the island of Shikoku, it is Ehime Prefecture’s capital city and a major regional commercial center. Some local attractions you might notice in a few scenes through different episodes are Matsuyama Castle, The Museum of Art, Ehime, the Shiki Memorial Museum, Ishite-ji, Taisan-ji, and Jōdo-ji.

Some significant portions of ‘Let’s Get Divorced’ seem to be further taped in Okinawa, aka Okinawa Main Island. Located in Japan’s Kyushu region, it is home to many tourist attractions, including Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Century Beach, Pineapple Park, the Orion Beer Factory, Hiji Falls, the Mid-Sea Road, Okinawa Senseki Quasi-National Park, and Cape Manzamo, some of which you might spot in the backdrop of some scenes.

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