Live to 100: Filming Locations of the Netflix Show

With filmmaker Clay Jeter’s ‘Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones’ living up to its title in every way imaginable, we get a four-part Netflix original documentary series absolutely unlike any other. After all, it centers around author, educator, producer, and storyteller Dan Buettner as he explores those areas wherein people usually lead longer, happier lives to learn the truth behind their lifestyles. It thus comes as no shock Dan has been researching this matter since he initially collaborated with National Geographic in the aughts, only to now delve deeper into it as an individual on his own.

Where is Live to 100 Filmed?

Although there are only five primary Blue Zones, the filming of ‘Live to 100’ actually took place in six different nations: Japan, Italy, the United States of America, Greece, Costa Rica, and Singapore. Plus, it’s imperative to note production was in around early 2022, meaning Dan gave us a complete insight into the process of his work adventure more than a year after he’d really traveled to these sites.

Okinawa, Japan

Often referred to as the Land of the Immortals, the prefecture of Okinawa is a cluster of roughly 150 islands that has produced the longest-lived population in human history, whether male or female. We basically only witnessed Yomitan village as well as Henza Island, yet it has been reported this entire clump in the East China Sea between Taiwan and Japan’s mainland is quite diverse as it comprises not just broad beaches plus coral reefs but also a few haunting World War II sites.

Sardina, Italy

Coming to Italy, the wondrous Mediterranean Sea island of Sardina served as a backdrop, but the focus was on the culturally driven, natural inner region of Barbagia instead of its coastal space. In fact, the comune of Baunei, Nuoro Province, was particularly mentioned, so this place for the multi-day Selvaggio Blu coastal trek was likely the village wherein we came across most elderlies in the original.

California, USA

The 1970 incorporated city of Loma Linda in San Bernardino County is a blue zone through and through owing to its primarily Adventist residents’ vibrancy, vivaciousness, and health at nearly every stage. Reports actually suggest this site has been a national center of wellness research for decades, especially as it promotes vegetarianism as well as food consciousness; plus, it has been smoke-free since 1993.

Ikaria, Greece

Then comes the Aegean Sea’s island of Ikaria (or Icaria) in Greece, which is merely 10 miles southwest of Samos and is arguably most known for the legend of Icarus as well as its thermal conditions. This area has also served as a filming location for ‘The Longevity Film’ (2019), ‘In This Land Nobody Knew How to Cry’ (2018), ‘Thalatta’ (2017), ‘The Young Icarians’ (2016), and ‘Ikarian Gangster’ (2008).


According to records, the island country of Singapore is the largest and busiest port in Southeast Asia, yet despite its people’s hard work, their life expectancy is gradually rising owing to their supportive surroundings. In other words, they are essentially proof that simply one’s environment can have a lot of effect on one’s health, which is why some presume this city-state may likely become another Blue Zone a few years down the line.

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