Where is Nico Blue Today?

‘All I Can Say’ shines a light on Shannon Hoon, the lead singer of Blind Melon, the rock band. We are taken deep into his life and the tragic demise due to an accidental drug overdose, at the age of 28. Before Hoon passed away, he had decided to change his life for the better. He had decided he would be a good person for his daughter, Nico Blue, who was born on July 11, 1995.

Unfortunately, Nico was only three months old when her father passed away. At the time, the band was touring the US, for their album ‘Soup.’ Nico was in Lafayette, Indiana, where Hoon had settled with her mother, and his longtime girlfriend, Lisa Crouse. Shannon, on the other hand, passed away in New Orleans. Thus, despite finding a chance of hope, if not salvation, in his daughter, Nico had to grow up without her father. So, where is she now?

Where is Nico Blue Now?

Nico has been memorialized in an album that Shannon’s bandmates came out with, named after her. The album contains the vestiges of Shannon’s music and allowed the bandmates to bury his memories and music, and move on with a new singer and new name. However, what happened to Nico?

She has grown up to be a musician in her own right and probably wants to follow in her father’s footsteps. This is most evident when we see her performing ‘Change,’ the first song Shannon wrote. The line “I know we can’t all stay here forever So I want to write my words on the face of today and they’ll paint it,” from the song, is inscribed on his grave. Check out Nico’s rendition here.

Nico will turn 25, on July 12, 2020, but you can check out a video shared by Blind Melon’s Facebook page from a previous birthday. She can be seen celebrating the premiere of ‘All I Can Say.’

Most recently, Nico has promoted the documentary on her father, as you can see below.


In the wake of George Floyd’s demise at the hands of the Minneapolis Police, Nico has been among the several people speaking out against racism having no place in society. Accordingly, she has observed ‘Blackout Tuesday’ on Instagram.


As a budding musician, Nico likes to use social media platforms to promote her art. She has a musical venture named Garden Street, and has often asked people to check out their song, ‘Crashing Down.’

It is clear that Nico might be trying to carve a space for herself in the world of music, much like her father did. She certainly has the vocal chops for it and seems determined in her path. After her father’s demise, Nico seems to have maintained a good relationship with her mother, as you can see in the image, captioned “Mamas Girl” below.


Finally, we will leave you with an image of Nico where she appears to be at peace, doing what she loves, that is, making music. [Cover Picture Courtesy: Nico Hoon/Instagram] 


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