Where Is Nicolás Pachelo Now?

Netflix’s ‘Carmel: Who Killed María Marta?’ is a four-part documentary series that chronicles one of Argentina’s most controversial murder cases: that of sociologist and charity worker María Marta García Belsunce. This case is so baffling that it got more media attention than the Junta Trials in the 70s and 80s – and it continues to do so. After all, her family, who was initially accused of her murder and cover-up, all got acquitted recently, and now, three different people will stand trial for the same. Among them is María Marta’s former neighbor, Nicolás Pachelo, a man who María had made it clear she wasn’t a fan of.

Who Is Nicolás Pachelo?

Nicolás Roberto Pachelo had quite a turbulent life growing up. While he was raised in the affluent high-society as the son of a racecar driver and his first wife, he spent most of his time with his father’s second wife – because apparently, his own mother couldn’t “handle” him. So when he started getting into trouble later on in life, it wasn’t that much of a surprise. In Carmel Country Club, which he was a resident of thanks to his father being one of the founders, Nicolás wasn’t very liked. Patio furniture, cash, and other items had started disappearing from homes inside the gated community, and most people suspected him. Moreover, María was positive that Nicolás had kidnapped her dog and wanted him kicked out of their safe haven.

Therefore, when her death was ruled to be a homicide, her entire family accused Nicolás. His then-wife was also said to be an accomplice as she was seen at the scene of the crime shortly after it transpired. However, neither of them were charged by the original investigator of the case, especially after Nicolás’ mother committed suicide, claiming that María’s family only wanted to destroy him. Although, he was summoned as a witness during Carlos Carrascosa’s, María’s husband’s murder trial, even after he presented two claims not to testify. Nicolás then moved on with his life, becoming a well-known poker player in the country. But his troubled ways weren’t too far behind, and soon, he was arrested for an unrelated robbery charge.

Where Is Nicolás Pachelo Now?

Nicolás Pachelo is currently behind bars for two different robberies, but not for María Marta García Belsunce’s murder. In saying that, though, he is charged and being thoroughly investigated for it now. He has a long record of thefts and frauds, dating way back, since even before her slaying, so there is a possibility that he killed her in an attempted robbery gone wrong. Plus, there is also the fact that although he had an alibi at the time, three teenage witnesses identified him as the man who was jogging by María possibly minutes before she died in 2002. So now, at some point next year, Nicolás, 44, along with two former Carmel watchmen will stand trial for her cold-blooded shooting.

When the coronavirus pandemic broke out all across the globe earlier this year, Nicolás filed a request to be placed under house arrest, stating that his chronic asthma put him at risk. However, a judge dismissed it, asserting that it is not enough to warrant the procedural dangers of flight and obstruction of investigation considering the high-profile case he is involved in. Though, they did order the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service to supply a stronger drug for his ailment. Therefore, today, Nicolás Pachelo is incarcerated in Unit No. 23 of Varela, awaiting his trial, following which, if convicted, he faces life in prison without the possibility of parole. Maybe next year, everyone will finally get the answer to who really killed María Marta.

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