Where is Nicole Speakman Now?

‘Cellmate Secrets’ is an enthralling Lifetime original true-crime series that chronicles some of the most infamous cases in a new light with the aid of exclusive interviews from former friends, cellmates, and lovers. Convicted killer Drew Peterson is also a feature in this program, and in his matter, it is no surprise that a lot of attention is placed upon his past relationships. So, of course, his girlfriend at the time of his initial years behind bars is spoken to as well, and she reveals some truly intimate details. Now, if you are curious to know more about her, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Nicole Speakman?

Nicole Speakman and Drew Peterson first met at a local bar near Chicago, Illinois, when the latter was still in a very public relationship with Christina Raines. Like the rest of them, though, the 23-year-old could not resist the retired police sergeant’s charm, and they shortly became a legitimate pair. Yet, within months, the 55-year-old was arrested on the charge of murder in connection to his third wife’s untimely demise five years prior. He didn’t think it would stick, and even Nicole believed that he was innocent. Thus, when he was found guilty in 2012, it was shocking to Nicole.

In the prison letters the couple kept on exchanging in the following years, they referred to one another as “Babycakes,” and Drew also went as far as to ask Nicole to send him pictures in lingerie. She stuck by him for roughly three more years, until the time he was charged with two additional felony counts, solicitation of murder and solicitation of murder for hire, for trying to have state prosecutor James Glasgow killed. That is when Nicole broke things off with the convict despite his claims of how happy she made him and how exhilarated he was to be her boyfriend.

Where is Nicole Speakman Now?

During her appearance on the Lifetime episode, Nicole Speakman clarified that she doesn’t “have anything to do with [Drew Peterson]. I don’t talk to him. I a hundred percent think that he is where he should be. For what he [has] done, I believe that Drew should spend his life behind bars…He took two mothers away from their children.” She almost implies that although it took her a while to realize just how sinister her former boyfriend could be, she left him as soon as she was sure of his guilt. So now, Nicole is simply trying to improve her life to the best of her abilities.

“I am just trying to be a good mother and raise my kids,” Nicole said when asked about what’s next for her. “I have a toddler and a 14-year-old. They are my main focus right now…[I’m also] focusing on my life and being positive and, you know, helping with whatever I can, with anybody, with anything. I really just don’t have time to focus on negativity or Drew or any of that. And I try not to; that’s behind me. Everything about that is behind me.” As for the rest of it – her professional life and details about her relationship status – it seems like Nicole prefers to keep that private.

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