Where is No Demo Reno Filmed?

In HGTV’s ‘No Demo Reno,’ popular social media creator and home renovation expert Jennifer “Jenn” Todryk undertakes and completes home renovation projects without the added pains of major demolition. Most homeowners who don’t choose to renovate their living spaces only do so because they don’t want to burn their pockets by undergoing massive teardowns of their property.

In ‘No Demo Reno,’ Jenn shows us exactly how to avoid any big demolition and go around it to still renovate a space effectively. There is no shortage of home renovation shows on HGTV, but the revolutionary concept of ‘No Demo Reno’ makes it stand out from the crowd. In case you’re wondering where the show is filmed, look no further, for we have got you covered.

No Demo Reno Filming Locations

‘No Demo Reno’ is filmed entirely in Texas. In the show, Jenn dispels the notion that full-blown demolition is always required to design living space transformations. What she does is combine clever design solutions and cost-effective ideas to create beautiful home overhauls for her Texan clients, often without knocking down walls or taking on any large-scale demolitions. Let’s take a look at specific details about the filming location.

Dallas, Texas

The filming for ‘No Demo Reno’ takes place entirely on location in the Dallas-Fortworth area in Texas, since the homes of all of Jenn’s clients are within that region. Interestingly, Texas is also home to Jenn and her family. In the show, the witty author and content creator helps Dallas-based families with kids reimagine and renew their spaces without altering the floorplans.

Over the years, Dallas has emerged as a popular production location. ‘Tenet,’ ‘Prison Break,’ ‘Queen of the South,’ and ‘Dallas’ are some of the other films and shows that were shot in the Dallas-Fortworth region. Jenn and her team save their clients time and money by operating within the existing footprint of a house while also demonstrating that creating a dream home is possible without massive demolition or big-scale renovation.

Jenn’s well-organized and structured renovation process also keeps her client stress-free till the remodeling is done. Each episode highlights Jenn’s unique design style, hinging on organization and practical functionality and emphasizing her budget-friendly techniques like repurposing and recycling existing materials in the home to create new projects.

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