Where Is Ole Stobbe Nielsen Now?

Image Credit: Ole Stobbe Nielsen / Facebook

HBO’s ‘The Investigation’ is a slow-burn Scandinavian limited series that examines the aftermath of the 2017 homicide case in which 30-year-old Swedish freelance journalist Kim Wall ended up losing her life. Having boarded a small submarine by the name of UC3 Nautilus to interview its owner, Danish entrepreneur Peter Madsen, Kim Wall went into the water safe and sound but was never seen alive again. Aptly titled ‘The Investigation,’ the series doesn’t even show Peter or the heinous act he committed. Yet, the one mention that does catch our attention is that of Ole Stobbe Nielsen, Kim Wall’s then-boyfriend. Let’s find out more about him!

Who Is Ole Stobbe Nielsen?

After being in a relationship for a while, Ole Stobbe Nielsen and Kim Wall were residing together in Copenhagen and preparing to host a farewell party on the night Kim disappeared. The couple had plans to move to Beijing so as to start afresh and create a good life for themselves. But according to Ole, that all changed on August 10, 2017, when Peter Madsen texted Kim about the interview she was hoping to land. They had met once before, so Kim asked her boyfriend if she could ditch their party for few hours to see the engineer again.

Ole said that Kim “was afraid to go on the trip in a submarine” but that she was also “fascinated by people dedicated to something.” At about 8:30 p.m. the same night, Kim jokingly texted Ole, “I’m still alive btw,” after which she added that she was going down into the water. “I love you!!!!” and “[Peter Madsen] bought coffee and cookies though” were also amongst the things she said to her boyfriend during that text exchange.

Little did either of them know, though, that this would be their last conversation ever. As per Ole, Kim had said that she’d spend maybe two hours with Peter before returning home. However, when she failed to show up at their door by 1:45 a.m. on August 11, Ole contacted the police and filed a missing person report. Unfortunately, it was already too late, and Ole ended up losing her.

Where Is Ole Stobbe Nielsen Now?

When Peter Madsen stood trial for Kim Wall’s murder in March of 2018, Ole Stobbe Nielsen took to the stands to testify against him. He detailed everything that transpired in the hours and days before the journalist’s disappearance and murder. Ole even added that when he went to the assailant’s lab while looking for his girlfriend, he met Peter’s wife, who was honestly quite surprised to learn that someone else went into the submarine with her husband. This element seemed suspicious to him.

Image Credit: Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

In the end, when Peter Madsen was convicted, Ole breathed a sigh of relief. And once everything was said and done, in May 2018, he finally opened up and wrote a piece for his late girlfriend on Weekendavisen. “For a long time, I have not had anything to say,” he penned. “I simply could not and did not know where I should start or end.” Then, he wrote about their journey, Kim’s nature, and how he’d been dealing with everything that befell, making sure to emphasize just how important Kim was.

Although he likes to maintain a low profile on social media, Ole currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, and works as a Teacher & Developer at Flot Robot, a company that he helped establish in 2015. He is also known for his contributions as a Game and Interaction Design expert at Seriously Playful and has made quite a name for himself in his field. Ole’s dedication towards securing a better future is quite inspiring, and we hope success never eludes him in the years to come.

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