Where is Ozzy Conde’s Ex-Girlfriend “Cynthia” Now?

Image Credit: Yolanda Hack / 20/20

ABC’s ’20/20: Her Last Chance’ is a chapter that delves into the murder of Oswaldo “Ozzy” Conde, its investigations, and its perplexing aftermath. In the early hours of October 6, 2003, the 31-year-old was found bludgeoned to death in his Southern California house by his live-in girlfriend, who was subsequently arrested, tried, convicted, and exonerated for the same. Her defense relied upon third-party motive at one point, which means that the blame was being shifted to Ozzy’s ex-girlfriend, as per records. So, let’s find out all that there is to know about her, shall we?

Who is Ozzy Conde’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Ozzy Conde’s ex-girlfriend, who ABC News and ’20/20′ has chosen to call “Cynthia,” is someone who’d been in a relationship with him for roughly eight years. During this time, they had not only created an intertwined life together, but they were also raising two children — one from her previous connection and one that they shared. However, according to her, it turned around when he met Kimberly “Kim” Long and ended their union. Cynthia admittedly didn’t let her children visit Ozzy at his place, but she declared it was because of the drinking and arguing in his and Kim’s residence, nothing more.

Ozzy and Kim // Image Credit: Kim Long / 20/20

With that said, in the time leading up to October 2003, Ozzy had obtained a restraining order against Cynthia owing to her (allegedly) harassing and threatening phone calls and letters. In the same filing, he’d also requested firm orders for custody and visitation rights for his child. There were alleged incidents of vandalism, taunting letters and calls, and a life threat on both Ozzy and Kim. Police interrogated Cynthia following her ex-boyfriend’s demise, and although she conceded to some of her spiteful actions, she denied having a hand in his death. Her polygraph was inconclusive.

Where is Ozzy Conde’s Ex-Girlfriend Now?

Ozzy Conde’s ex-girlfriend Cynthia was not apprehended in connection to his death since she had an alibi. She claimed to be on a date that evening, which ended at around 1 in the morning on October 6, following which she drove her partner home, 30 miles from the crime scene. She insisted they were at the Days Inn, but no records of the same were found. Except, the manager there confirmed that the tenants aren’t usually registered if they pay in cash. Cynthia’s real name is not public knowledge, and she wants it to remain that way. Thus, we have no further details on her personal life or current situation.

In a statement to Crime Watch Daily, Cynthia made her feelings on the matter very clear. She said, “I am completely disgusted with Kimberly’s defense team, who has gone above and beyond to poke holes in testimony and publicly deflect blame of Ozzy’s death onto innocent people, myself included… Since the moment Ozzy passed away, I have fully co-operated with investigators and have done everything they asked.”

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