Where is Pamela Anderson Now?

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‘Pam & Tommy’ follows actress Pamela Anderson and rockstar drummer Tommy Lee as they fall hopelessly in love and get married hours after meeting each other. Soon after, their lives are thrown into chaos when an intimate personal video gets stolen and goes viral. The events unfold at a particularly crucial time for Pamela, who is at the height of her career with her role in ‘Baywatch’ and gets pregnant soon after marrying Tommy. The show explores the explosive events surrounding the stolen tape, but what has Pamela Anderson been up to since then? Let’s find out.

What Happened to Pamela Anderson After the Sex Tape Scandal?

Pamela Anderson met Tommy Lee on New Year’s Eve in 1994, and the two reportedly tied the knot 96 hours later. Even as the stolen tape went viral and gained notoriety in 1995, Pamela’s life remained busy as ever. She and Tommy had their first son, Brandon, in 1996, and Dylan was born in 1997. Unfortunately, the couple divorced in 1998. Years later, the actress revealed that not being able to do anything to contain the spread of the tape added a lot of stress and frustration to their relationship.

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In 2000, Pamela reportedly began dating and eventually got engaged to Marcus Schenkenberg, but they broke up the next year. In 2002, she got engaged to musician Kid Rock, but it was seemingly not meant to be, and the couple ended things in 2003. However, they got together three years later and even tied the knot this time around, but the marriage was short-lived and Pamela and Kid Rock got divorced in 2007. In October the same year, the actress married film producer Rick Solomon but called it quits in less than a year.

As per reports, Pamela and Lee gave their bond a try in 2008, but it didn’t work out and they split up again for good. Interestingly, in January 2014, Pamela announced that she had once again married Solomon, but the couple got divorced again in 2015. After seemingly marrying Hollywood producer Jon Peters in January 2020, the actress announced days later that they had never been legally married since their marriage license was not made official. By the end of the year, another wedding celebration was held, this time in Pamela’s native hometown on Vancouver Island, Canada, where she married her bodyguard Dan Hayhurst.

Apart from her prolific romantic life, the actress and activist has been busy in various professional and social spheres. After ‘Baywatch,’ Pamela held the lead role in the action-comedy series ‘V.I.P.’ from 1998 to 2002. She also appeared in a slew of other scripted series, movies, and reality shows. Pamela seemingly began to publish her writing in 1997, starting with ‘Pandemonium’ (with Todd Gold), followed by ‘Star Struck’ in 2005 and ‘Raw’ (with Emma Dunlavey) in 2015; all these mentioned works are autobiographical in nature. The actress and model also authored three novels — ‘My New School’ series, ‘Star: A Novel,’ and ‘Lust for Love.’

Apart from her involvement with animal rights organization PETA, she founded The Pamela Anderson Foundation in 2014, which works to preserve human, animal, and environmental rights. Over the years, the actress and author has become involved in and supported various causes and organizations, including the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Where is Pamela Anderson Now?

In 2019, Pamela Anderson moved back to her native Canada to live on her ancestral property in the countryside in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. Incidentally, Ladysmith is where she was born (in 1967) and raised before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling career after featuring on the cover of Playboy magazine in October 1989. Pamela’s Ladysmith residence is also where she got married to Dan Hayhurst in a simple Christmas Eve ceremony in December 2020.

The ‘Baywatch’ fame actress continues her activism in her hometown and supports a local farm and animal sanctuary called RASTA (Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals), where she and Dan reportedly donated their time and effort to help build a barn for injured animals. According to several reports in January 2022, Pamela and Dan have gone their separate ways after being married for a little over a year. As for her current whereabouts, reports suggest that Pamela is currently residing in Malibu, spending quality time with her sons.

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