Where is PJ Masten Now?

In what can only be described as a documentary series that doesn’t hold back, ‘Secrets of Playboy’ exposes a much darker side of Hugh Hefner’s empire through the eyes of those who were there. After all, it incorporates both archival footage and exclusive interviews from people who experienced or witnessed what really went on behind the scenes at the Playboy Mansion and Clubs. Amongst them is none other than once-Bunny Mother PJ Masten, so now, if you’re curious to know more about her, her encounters, and her current whereabouts, we’ve got the details for you.

PJ Masten’s Life After Playboy

Starting from the very beginning, Patricia “PJ” Masten began working for Playboy in her home state of New Jersey in 1972 before making her way to Los Angeles and Chicago for the organization’s clubs. It was only around 1975, though, that she went from a Bunny to a Bunny Mother because she’d fallen down a flight of stairs and hurt her back so bad that she couldn’t perform a dip even after recovery. At that point, PJ genuinely believed that the management opportunity could help her succeed in the corporate world, yet it only led her to become a part of the “cleanup crew.”

In other words, as per the A&E original, PJ was a member of the group that ensured no assaults on the Bunnies were reported to the public. They allegedly had to do what was required or risk losing their job, but it seems like she parted ways with her post for good in 1982. PJ then stayed away from the spotlight for a while, that is, until she garnered the courage to come forth with her own traumas in 1997 and again in 2014. She first accused sportscaster Marv Albert of sexually assaulting her in 1994 and later claimed that comedian Bill Cosby had raped her in 1979.

According to PJ’s accounts, the comic had attacked her in his hotel room while she was working as a Bunny Mother in Chicago after luring her there with the promise that they’d go out for dinner. He gave her a drink, she said, and the next thing she knew, “it was 4 o’clock in the morning, and I woke up naked with this disgusting man next to me… I woke up feeling very groggy and very sore. I knew I had been raped.” PJ also called Bill Cosby a predator and added, “There are a dozen former Bunnies that I know of with similar stories, but they’re afraid to come forward.”

Where is PJ Masten Now?

Now that years have passed by, not only is Patricia “PJ” Masten unafraid, but she’s also determined to be the voice of several women and shine a light upon the entire reality of the Playboy world. In short, she wants to unveil the actions of the manipulators and abusers to hold them accountable no matter their standing while empowering those affected by them. Coming to her personal as well as professional life, from what we can tell, it appears as if the former Bunny Mother, currently in her early 70s, is back in her hometown of Lyndhurst, New Jersey, where she proudly owns and operates a small business.

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