Race to Survive Alaska: All Shooting Locations of the Show

For survival fans, seeing a show set in some of the most beautiful yet dangerous locations worldwide is always a treat. USA Network’s ‘Race to Survive: Alaska’ certainly fits the bill as all its participants try to complete as many challenges as possible while staying within the competition to win $500,000. Needless to say, the stakes are always high in this reality series, which adds to the thrill viewers feel. What makes the show even better is its setting, which easily allows people to understand that sometimes, nature can be as deadly as beautiful. This has led many in the audience to wonder where the series is shot.

Race to Survive Alaska: Where Was it Filmed?

As the name suggests, ‘Race to Survive: Alaska’ is primarily filmed in Alaska. The on-screen trek starts in the Alaskan city of Ketchikan and ends in Cordova, Alaska. Furthermore, the participants traverse the Aleutian Islands in Alaska throughout their journey. The principal photography for the premiere season seemingly started in the latter half of June 2022 and was finished in August of the same year. Now, let’s explore the scenic locations that appear in the USA Network show!

Ketchikan, Alaska

The 100-mile trek seen in ‘Race to Survive: Alaska’ starts at Ketchikan, Alaska. The city is known for being one of the principal settlements in the southeastern area of the state and is also one of the most populated places in Alaska. Ketchikan is located near the Tongass National Forest, the largest national forest in the US. The place in question is known for its large concentration of bald eagles, American salmon, beavers, moose, and deer.

Named after Ketchikan Creek, the eponymous city is known as the southernmost entrance to Inside Passage, which helped it earn the name of Alaska’s First City. Situated on Revillagigedo Island, the strategic position that Ketchikan holds in the waterways of Alaska has helped it propel to prominence, and the region is also known for its natural beauty. In addition, it has been featured in shows like ‘Coast Guard Alaska.’

Aleutian Islands, Alaska

‘Race to Survive: Alaska’ also takes participants to the Aleutian Islands within Alaska. Popularly known as the Aleut Islands and Aleutic Islands, the area comprises numerous islands, 14 of which are volcanic. Most of these islands are indeed part of Alaska though some are part of Russia. With the Bering Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the South, the islands are subject to heavy rainfall and constant fog, which one can easily witness in the USA Network show.

Cordova, Alaska

Marking the end of the 100-mile trip in ‘Race to Survive: Alaska’ is the city of Cordova, Alaska. Located on the coast of Eyak Lake, it is not connected to any other Alaskan settlement via roads and can only be reached via air or water. Its position at the head of Prince William Sound’s Orca Inlet is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why commercial fishing is one of the biggest industries in Cordova.

Surrounded by the Chugach mountains, Cordova is a part of the Chugach National Forest, known for its natural terrain and rich biodiversity. All the factors that make the city so unique are significant as to why the on-land trek to it is far from an easy task to achieve. In the survival show, participants try their best to reach this scenic area home to the Eyak for many years.

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