Where is Randi From Working: What We Do All Day Now?

Netflix’s ‘Working: What We Do All Day’ takes the concept of the eponymous 1974 book by Studs Terkel and applies it to the present world. Featuring Barack Obama, the documentary series takes viewers on an enlightening journey through various levels and types of everyday people’s jobs and how they feel about their respective professions. In the show, we meet Randi Williams, whose priority has always been maintaining the balance between her personal and professional sides. For those wondering what she might be up to these days, we have your back!

Who is Randi Williams?

When Randi was a child, her mother, Anna Laura, wanted her to succeed academically and pursue a profession that would help her achieve her goals. The young girl in question was inspired by the character of Elle Woods from ‘Legally Blonde‘ and declared that she would become a lawyer by attending Harvard Law School. She achieved good grades in high school and was encouraged to attend the nursing school. However, Randi dropped out and decided to join welding school instead, which was apparently her Plan B.

Though she did not complete her nursing training, Randi remained determined to pursue a career that would let her take care of others. Additionally, she wanted a job with hours that would not make her stay away from her daughter Adaria for too long. Having worked at several places, like McDonald’s, Randi can be seen in the show on her first day as a Home Care Aid in association with At Home Care Solutions, starting with earning $9 every hour.

One of the biggest reasons Randi insists on working flexible hours is her family. Her mother, as of writing, apparently is not very active, and Randi does not want her to start herself. She drops off her daughter daily at the daycare and is always motivated by her desire to be there for others. Besides, Randi is unhappy with how people perceive her based on one thing or another without knowing her properly.

Randi Williams is Spending Time With Family Today

As of writing, Randi works at a private and adult-supervised living home for people with disabilities. Most of those under her care are adults, and she seems content in her present job. Randi left At Home Care after about 11 weeks due to scheduling conflicts. While her regular hours were apparently between right in the morning and two in the afternoon, she shared how she was often asked to extend her hours, sometimes till nine at night.

Given Randi’s insistence on being there for her child, she realized that the timings of At Home Care Solutions might not be the best for her and her daughter Adaria. Hence, she decided to leave. Based in Mississippi, the documentary cast member is a single mother who lives with her daughter and mother, Anna Laura. More than anything, Randi likes to spend time with her family and is always ready to put them first above everything else.

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