Where is Raquel Calderin’s Daughter Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘The Perfect Murder: Body in the Glade’ profiles the 2012 disappearance and murder case of 42-year-old Raquel Calderin, who was last seen alive leaving the elementary school where she worked in the late evening of September 4. However, as it soon came to light, her estranged husband, Jesus Maqueira, was the one who killed her following her refusal to reconcile. With that, we can’t help but be curious about the three children they shared, especially the daughter who saw Raquel with their father that same day. So now, let’s find out more about her, shall we?

Who Is Raquel Calderin’s Daughter?

Raquel Calderin and Jesus Maqueira were parents to two daughters and one son. On September 4, 2012, in the afternoon, Jesus and their middle child — then 15-year-old Melissa Maqueira — showed up at the Gloria Floyd Elementary School in Kendall so that he could persuade Raquel to drop the divorce motions she’d filed. But as the two adults spoke in the parking lot, which quickly turned into a heated argument, Melissa tried to capture the exchange on video on her cell phone. Though, the entire conversation, as played in court years later, is practically inaudible.

Therefore, although Jesus and his attorneys have since suggested that he went to see her not to intimidate her into getting back together but to talk regarding how she hadn’t been there for their kids in a while, they weren’t believed. The video was indistinguishable, and their children mostly liked their mother. Moreover, as per a legal deposition with the estranged pair’s other, older daughter, the video was originally shot by Melissa so that she could hear what their parents were saying to each other later on. Yet, it only acted as proof against Jesus in his 2016 trial for murder.

Where is Raquel Calderin’s Daughter Now?

When Jesus Maqueira stood trial for the murder of Raquel Maria Calderin, whose skeletal remains were found in her submerged SUV in a canal near the Everglades in 2014, Melissa penned an emotional letter describing her grief and pain to be read aloud to the jurors. “I love and miss [my mother] deeply,” she wrote at the age of 18. “I encourage everyone to never go a day without reminding your loved ones how much you truly value them.” Despite all this, though, when Jesus was found guilty, he didn’t express any remorse. Instead, he lashed out at his own children.

Now, though, it appears as if Raquel Calderin and Jesus Maqueira’s three children are trying their best to move on with their lives. Preferring to stay away from the spotlight, all we know is that like her older sister, Danelys, Melissa moved to Florida, as soon as possible. All of Raquel Calderin’s kids are adults now with their own experiences, but we assume that they remain close, mainly because they’re the only true family they have left.

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