Where is Reed Wilson Now?

The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes,’ a true-crime offering from Netflix, focuses on the iconic actor’s childhood and personal life. The documentary also looks into the rumors surrounding her affairs with the Kennedy brothers: John and Robert. The viewers then learn of audio recordings that provided some evidence to this claim. Reed Wilson, a surveillance expert, went into detail regarding his involvement with how the recordings were obtained. So, let’s find out more about him then, shall we?

Who is Reed Wilson?

At the time, Reed Wilson was a surveillance expert and someone who was adept at electronics. He had been hired by various politicians, casinos, and government agencies in the past and was known for being discreet. Back then, Jimmy Hoffa, an influential union activist, had hired renowned private detective Fred Otash. Jimmy wanted Fred to develop a “real, in-depth, derogatory report file on Jack and Bobby Kennedy.”

Fred then sought out Reed Wilson’s help. So, the plan was to place listening devices at the home of Peter and Pat Lawford. Pat was John and Robert’s sister, and they visited the couple’s Santa Monica home in California whenever they were on the West coast. So, during a social gathering, Reed bugged the house; they would be activated whenever there was information about one or both the Kennedys visiting.

The team also bugged the apartment Marilyn used a few months before her death. Fred hired another man, John Danoff, who monitored the transmissions. Around Thanksgiving 1961, he claimed to have heard John and Marilyn’s voices in Peter’s house, adding, “Then you heard them talking, and they were going about disrobing and going into the sex act on the bed.” Reed further stated that he and Fred reviewed a tape of John having sex with Marilyn.

Where is Reed Wilson Now?

Reed later stated that Robert called Marilyn from Peter’s house on the night she died. According to him, “she said, ‘Don’t bother me. Leave me alone. Stay out of my life.’ It was a very violent argument. [She said] ‘I feel passed around, I feel used. I feel like a piece of meat.'” Other reports also suggested Robert had visited Marilyn on the day she died, and Fred was later asked to clear her house of anything that connected her to the Kennedys. As for Reed, it seems that he has since maintained an extremely low profile. It is unclear whether Read is dead or alive, with his last known location being California.

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